Gardening: Monty Don explains how to plant garlic now to eat next year

Monty Don is a British horticulturalist and television gardener, best known for presenting Gardeners’ World. The broadcaster often shares gardening tips and tricks with viewers on their social media platform or the Gardeners’ World website.

“It’s a very delicate taste.

“It’s not garlic at all – it comes from the leek family.”

The other two types of garlic that Monty showed viewers were a soft-necked variety and a hard-necked variety.

He explained, “You can’t tell that much of a difference, however, the softneck tends to be harvested a bit later, it lasts longer in the ground, and it lasts longer in storage.

The gardening expert warned: “You don’t treat them like a bunch of onions

“Sets of onions, you just have to fix them in the ground.

“You plant them much more like a daffodil bulb and bury them so that the pointy end – the pointy part – is about as deep.

“You want rich, well-drained, rather alkaline soil, and space them out generously.”

Monty put the bulbs in the ground and added, “I’m going to put elephant garlic on the side to break it up and it can go a little shallower.”

“These will have a lot of empty beds between them, until next April / May.

“So I’m going to plant some arugula between the rows where the garlic is, and by the time I use it and harvest it, then I can pull it out and the garlic will grow through.” “

Arugula is another seed that can be planted at this time of year.

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