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Normal Carlson is pictured recently speaking to the Chautauqua County Genealogical Society.

CASSADAGA – Norman Carlson of Busti, who is the Collections Manager at the Fenton History Center in Jamestown, was the recent guest speaker at the Chautauqua County Genealogical Society gathering at Cassadaga American Legion Hall on Maple Avenue.

Carlson said his speech was titled ” Range. “ Carlson said people spend years researching family history dating back hundreds of years. Then, when they get the results of the DNA kit, they are surprised to know who their loved ones are. Carlson said his ancestors came from Sweden and England and they married the girl next door, keeping the families close to each other. Not all families were like this, as they moved to different regions. How are you related to your loved ones, he asked. He discussed DNA in detail by relating it to genealogy. In a way, he said, we are all descendants of two people. Carlson had a very detailed message.

Gail Dash is the president of the company and Ruth Nichols is the vice president. Wayne Leamer is the newsletter editor and membership chair. Leamer said the next newsletter is in the works. Member Andrew Kolstee said he puts events on Facebook. Member Walt Sedlmayer spoke about the Barker Library Genealogical Research Room in Fredonia, which houses many family histories.

Ms Nichols said the new edition of the Observer Vital Statistics from January 2016 to 2020 has been released. Treasurer Debbie Kotar presented the company’s financial report. Westfield historian Marybelle Beigh has been elected secretary and will keep the minutes of each meeting.

For more information on the Genealogical Society, write to PO Box 404, Fredonia, NY 14063. New members are welcome.

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