Mequoda Systems acquires the gardening magazine GreenPrints



The acquisition of GreenPrints aligns well with our launch and acquisition strategy for the growth of the Mequoda Publishing group.

Mequoda Systems announces the acquisition of GreenPrints as part of a full asset purchase agreement with GreenPrints founder Pat Stone, effective November 1, 2021. Acquired assets include GreenPrints magazine with 12,000 premium subscribers, a range of book and note products and an online store at http: //

GreenPrints was founded in 1990 by Pat Stone, who was previously the gardening editor for Mother Earth News. Additionally, Pat is the co-author of Chicken Soup for the Gardener’s Soul: 101 Stories to Make the Heart Bloom and has appeared on CBS This Morning and public radio as a gardening correspondent.

“I am delighted that Mequoda is acquiring the GreenPrints brand, to keep the mission and spirit of GreenPrints alive and thriving, as my wife Becky and I prepare to focus on family for our next chapter in life,” said Pat Stone said. “And I’m sure that in the professional and capable hands of Mequoda, GreenPrints is poised to grow even bigger than ever! “

GreenPrints is a one of a kind brand that helps people across the country share their love of gardening and how gardening affects us deeply and in the most personal way. Filled with wonderful stories, poems, tales, parables, anecdotes and beautiful and original art, GreenPrints shares the joy, humor, headaches and heart of gardening, all in a fun way. and connected. A subscription to GreenPrints offers:

  • A one-year subscription to GreenPrints, published quarterly with 80 pages each, like a little book.
  • Bonus: a FREE copy of The Weeder’s Reader, a special bonus issue with 16 of the most popular stories of all time!
  • All the wisdom, warmth, heart, humor, inspiration and joy that comes with subscribing to GreenPrints!

“The acquisition of GreenPrints aligns well with our launch and acquisition strategy for the growth of the Mequoda Publishing Group,” said Kim Mateus, Chief Strategy Officer of Mequoda. with GreenPrints.

Mateus explains that the gardening publishing industry is a key target for Mequoda initiatives: “Following our successful launch of Food Gardening Network, we have been looking for well-aligned gardening publications to add to our portfolio – and GreenPrints is more than invoice. Pat and Becky Stone have done an incredible job over the years to create a unique and delicious post, and we are very happy to continue this legacy. “

Mequoda plans to transform GreenPrints into a cross-platform digital publishing operation in 2022 by deploying Mequoda’s Haven WordPress system and applying the Mequoda methodology and marketing and publishing best practices at all levels. Additionally, leveraging industry contacts and partnerships will allow Mequoda to further develop GreenPrints.

Mateus is Executive Director of Food Gardening Network and will assume the same role for GreenPrints. And Pat and Becky Stone will remain with GreenPrints as advisors, to continue to guide the planning and creation of content.

About Mequoda: For nearly two decades, Mequoda has explored and developed the evolving art and science of multiplatform publishing. Mequoda’s methodology and frameworks are used around the world to power advanced digital publishing systems. Mequoda’s publishing network includes seven consumer magazines, 21 premium investment newsletters, three website portals and their daily email newsletters.

About Kim Mateus: Kim Mateus is Chief Strategy Officer of Mequoda Systems and Executive Director of its Publishing Group which includes seven consumer magazines, 21 premium newsletters, three website portals and their associated daily newsletters. His team manages the strategy, content, consumer marketing and business development of the portfolio. Kim and her team have served as advisors to hundreds of consumer and B2B publishing companies, and continue to help publishers grow their audiences, revenues and profits with their Mequoda Pro membership program.

Contact: To request free press access to GreenPrints, or to speak with a member of our team, please contact Christy Page at [email protected] or (617) 217-2559. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook @Mequoda

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