San Antonio art exhibit shines a light on Latin cuisine


Comfort foods come in all shapes and sizes. For Latino families, nothing is more nostalgic or satisfying than a concha – a type of sweet bread that’s often served for breakfast.

After studying every nook and cranny, Eva Marengo Sanchez painted conch shells for a new exhibition at the McNay Art Museum in San Antonio.

“I think food is so close to who we are,” Sanchez told CBS News. “I feel so happy when I eat. Physically and in my brain, it’s just happy.”

“I think that says a lot about who we are, who we believe to be in our cultural identity,” she added.

Like legendary pop artist Andy Warhol and His Cans of Soup, curator Eddie Hayes said the exhibit shows the talent of Hispanic artists through something we can all relate to: food.

“As a Latino to see a high concha in a space like this is really amazing,” said Hayes. “We deserve to be here … We are part of the future of the fabric of this country.”

For Sanchez, it’s about painting a permanent seat at the table for Latinos – with art that looks good enough to eat. “I want to work to the maximum of my ability because I represent people who identify with my work,” she said.

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