The Bulls have the chance to end the last 12 games on a winning note

PHOENIX — DeMar DeRozan called the Bulls’ dismal three-game road trip a “bumpy road.”

But it looked more like a huge pothole as the Bulls lost all three games and continued to play like a team that will start the playoffs on the road rather than at home.

“You hit bumpy roads and you have to make adjustments,” DeRozan said after the loss to the Suns on Friday. “That’s exactly where we are. It’s up to us to get out of it.”

They have 12 regular season games left to figure that out. It may not change their standings, but there are games to be won and momentum to be gained. Here’s how:

March 21 c. Toronto: The Bulls are 2-1 against the upstart Raptors this season, but all three games felt like a street fight. That’s what Toronto’s young frontcourt is turning games into. But where the Raptors fail to match the Bulls is star power. This will once again have weight in the last meeting of the season. Plus, it sounds like a possible return of Patrick Williams. Verdict: The Bulls win (Record: 42-29).

March 22 in Milwaukee: The Bulls played hard against the Bucks, but that won’t happen in “The Freak’s” backyard. A Giannis Antetokounmpo is better than a DeRozan and a Zach LaVine. Verdict: The Bulls lose (42-30).

March 24 in New Orleans: If there’s one aspect of the schedule the Bulls have managed, it’s dealing with bum teams. Sure, there’s been the occasional Sacramento and Orlando, but for the most part they win the games they’re supposed to win. Verdict: Victory of the bulls (43-30).

March 26 in Cleveland: The Cavaliers are going to be a problem for the next decade, but not yet. They’re still without Jarrett Allen, and that’s a big deal for their 7-foot frontcourt. The Bulls’ experience wins out and the Cavs lose the season series. Verdict: The Bulls win (44-30).

March 28 in New York: This will have all the makings of a classic Tom Thibodeau trap game. It’s Thibs’ playoffs. Verdict: The Bulls lose (44-31).

March 29 in Washington: Just as they dealt with the passed out Pelicans, the Bulls will draw the same number on the Wizards, even in a showdown with the Knicks. Verdict: The bulls win (45-31).

March 31 against Los Angeles Clippers: It starts a sprint towards the end of the season, with the Bulls playing five straight home games and looking for a solid finish. The understaffed Clippers shouldn’t be a problem. Verdict: Victory of the Bulls (46-31).

April 2 against Miami: Unless the Heat have somehow locked down an important playoff seed and are starting to rest the players, this is another nightmare game for the Bulls. Too physical and too mean, the Heat will once again submit the local team. Styles make the fight, and it’s not a fight the Bulls want. Verdict: The Bulls lose (46-32).

April 5 vs. Milwaukee: They have to beat the Bucks, and that happens in the season finale at the United Center. Verdict: victory for the Bulls (47-32).

April 6 against Boston: A preview of the first round of the playoffs? May be. No Eastern team has played better than the Celtics. Verdict: The Bulls lose (47-33).

April 8 against Charlotte: The Bulls have been a horrible game for the Hornets all season. Verdict: Victory of the Bulls (48-33).

April 10 in Minnesota: It could mean everything for one or both of these teams, or it could be meaningless for one or both. However, expect the Bulls to be locked in a seed and rest their core. Still, as Jimmy Butler showed, reserve players can beat the Timberwolves. Verdict: Victory of the bulls (49-33).

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