USFL bets on Houston fans traveling to Birmingham for ‘home games’

The start-up, alternative professional football league using the former USFL name recently opened ticket sales.

True Gamblers fans will want to partake in the “Touchdown 10 Pack”, essentially the equivalent of Season Passes. With prices ranging from $106.75 to $395.45 per ticket, Houston fans can buy the opportunity to travel to Birmingham, Alabama to watch their team. Birmingham is only a ten hour and four minute drive from Houston, so Gamblers fans should prepare to watch their ‘home’ games from next month.

New inaugural USFL schedule:

  • 4/16 Houston Gamblers AT Michigan Panthers, at Birmingham
  • 4/23 Birmingham Stallions AT Houston Gamblers, in Birmingham
  • 5/1 Tampa Bay Bandits AT Houston Gamblers, at Birmingham
  • 5/7 Houston Gamblers AT New Orleans Breakers, in Birmingham
  • 5/15 Pittsburgh Maulers AT Houston Gamblers, at Birmingham
  • 5/21 Houston Gamblers AT New Jersey Generals, at Birmingham
  • 5/29 Philadelphia Stars AT Houston Gamblers, at Birmingham
  • 6/3 Houston Gamblers AT Tampa Bay Bandits, at Birmingham
  • 6/11 Houston Gamblers AT Birmingham Stallions, in Birmingham
  • 6/19 New Orleans Breakers AT Houston Gamblers, at Birmingham

Yes, you read that right, Houston plays a home game in Birmingham against the team that actually calls Birmingham home on April 23. Confusing.

Assuming you have a car/truck that does a modest 25 mpg and you, your spouse and two kids are heading to Birmingham for one of these games, expect to spend $275 on gas, 425 at $1,581.80 in tickets, $200 for a hotel room, and $160 for food and drink. Factor in souvenirs (the cheapest being a plain tee with the Gamblers logo on the front) for a minimum of $110 more, and the average family can expect to spend an all-inclusive $1,160 for s sit in the cheapest seats in the stadium to support their “home team.

If you have finer tastes, that number can easily reach $2,656.80. For one game. Over a ten-game season, the USFL relies on thousands of Houstonians paying between $11,600.00 and $26,568.00 to support this team in person. While any of us might want to follow this Gamblers 2.0 incarnation, the tea leaves don’t offer many signs of hope.

With skyrocketing gas prices, the lawsuit drama surrounding USFL ownership and team names, and the near-vertical battle over any startup pro football league, there are strong chances Gamblers won’t get much in-person support. Not to mention, it’s all happening in the backyard of the NCAA Alabama Crimson Tide powerhouse, which has a grip on the local fanbase.

Like the XFL and so many others, the USFL likely won’t make it to the end of the season.

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