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Pool games buying guide

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Why buy pool games?

Of course, a swimming pool is entertainment enough. But keeping kids interested day in and day out is another story. Give them a break from pretend play or swimming drills and give them these toys to increase their activity level, interest and fun level.

What should you consider when buying billiard games?

  • Age range: One of the biggest factors in deciding which pool toys are best for kids is their age range. Young children should have toys that could not hurt them by accident or that do not require a skill set that is too advanced for their swimming abilities.
  • Swimming Skills: Some pool games, while great fun, can require a swimmer to have a lot of core strength to maneuver through the water without the most efficient use of their limbs to swim while keeping their head above water . Other games, such as diving toys, should be played under adult supervision, especially if the child is new to this type of game or is tired.
  • Occasion or activity: If you’re looking for a pool game for something specific, say a party or get-together for a group of teenagers, something that brings everyone together (like the watermelon ball) or something similar to a classic game (like the volleyball) could be a hit.

Is there a difference between above ground pool toys and inground pool toys?

Fortunately, there is no difference in toys that can be used in either type of pool. The biggest consideration for some of the bigger toys will be the size of your pool. Otherwise, take note of the dimensions, then expect endless hours of billiard game fun.

Our picks for the best pool games for kids

Best choice

Advantages: Add some splash to your catch this game with these balls designed to jump and splash across the surface of the water instead of sinking. Kids and toddlers of all ages can enjoy this game without knowing how to dive to retrieve the ball. Durable stitching means these jump balls are durable and built to last in the pool. They’re also soft enough that they won’t hurt too much if someone accidentally gets hit. The set is available in eight different colors, and each set comes with two balls, a disc, and a mesh travel bag.

The inconvenients: These balls and the disc are all smaller than the ones you usually play with, which can take some getting used to.

Conclusion : The simple, old-fashioned concept of throwing a ball reaches new levels of excitement when combined with pool fun. Spice things up by jumping the ball around the water, challenging reflexes and making everyone laugh. All of the pieces in this set are easy for little hands to grasp, so everyone can get involved.

Best Underwater Ball

Advantages: Something a little complicated like neutral buoyancy allows the ball to do all the bouncing, passing and kicking underwater without sinking completely. After following the instructions to fill the balloon, get ready for hours of fun. This game can be played in smaller or larger groups, and the “goal” can simply be to hit the watermelon ball on the side of the other team’s pool. This makes other props like goals or hoops unnecessary. It can be used at any age, but is especially fun for older kids, teens and competitive adults.

The inconvenients: It’s a heavier ball out of the water and it could hurt a child if it accidentally hits them.

Conclusion : This billiard ball is unlike any other. It doesn’t sink, it doesn’t float, but it provides hours and hours of crazy fun. You can dribble, bounce, kick and pass it underwater just like any other game you would play in the backyard.

Ideal for competition

Advantages: Jump straight into friendly competition with this inflatable ring toss game. It explodes quickly so you can have more fun playing. Made of high quality PVC, it has excellent buoyancy and durability for frequent use. Store it easily by deflating it, or feel free to also use it on the grass for outdoor play.

The inconvenients: The rings are also inflatable, which makes them very difficult to throw. It only comes with four rings, which makes it difficult to play with many people.

Conclusion : A simple game without too many rules, this pool version of the classic ring toss game can add friendly competition to any gathering. The set inflates quickly so you can have fun.

For sports fans

Advantages: This set is made from high quality raft material to withstand full contact. Choose between pool classics – basketball or volleyball – and stay active while staying cool. The set includes a net with two anchor weights, a basketball hoop, a volleyball and a basketball.

The inconvenients: There’s a lot to inflate, so an electric pump would be the best option.

Conclusion : Even if you’re not one to play on the court, something about pool volleyball and basketball is awesome. Spend hours staying active in the pool with these classic games.

For the pleasure of diving

Advantages: Whether you’re keeping your little one busy in the kiddie pool or helping your child improve with swim practice, this sinking toy set is a favorite way to splash around in the pool. The wide variety in this 28-pack suits many different activity interests. as well as age groups. Everything is non-toxic and made from ABS material. The set also comes with a mesh storage bag.

The inconvenients: Some smaller objects are under two inches, making them perfect for older children, but potentially dangerous for younger ones.

Conclusion : Diving for toys at the bottom of the pool is a fun pastime that kids always love to do. This value pack includes a varied set of different diving toys for different swimming levels and ages.

Final Thoughts

There’s nothing better than splashing around in the pool on a really hot day. Switch things up with these great pool games that will keep kids of all ages entertained.

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