I’m a gardening expert and my three simple tips will have your bedding plants thriving for the summer.

SEASONAL bedding displays are a great way to incorporate color into your garden.

You can put them in your borders, pots or hanging baskets to change things up.


Garden bedding is a great way to brighten up your outdoor spaceCredit: Getty

These plants usually grow quickly and don’t last more than a season, so you can afford to be a little creative with them.

Even though the stakes are low with these temporary plants, you still want to see them thrive so you can soak up their colors for as long as possible.

This gardening expert shared some of the common mistakes people make when it comes to bedding and how to nip mistakes in the bud.

The Sunday Gardener said: “Most parts of the UK are frost free at the end of May which means that while it is tempting to plant earlier, it is best to leave until may.”

Of course, you can plant them earlier if you’re willing to take the risk, but be sure to protect them from any temperature drops.

How to Plant a Litter

  • Start by raking the ground and getting rid of large clods, stones or debris
  • Plant where you want your litter to go in your garden, you can border it with sand.
  • carefully add your chosen plants, making sure not to damage the leaves.
  • Roughly arrange your plants to get an idea of ​​what they will look like.
  • Be sure to space them evenly to avoid infection and disease.
  • Once in the ground, water regularly to keep them fresh.

The pros at Gardener’s World say, “Choose bedding plants with a specific site in mind, as this will play an important role in their survival.”

Once your litter box is in place, it is important to protect it from annoying parasites.

Keeping unwanted visitors away from your plants is key to keeping them thriving throughout the summer, and there are a few easy ways to do it.

The pros explained that “slugs are active for most of the year, but are a particular problem in the spring when there are lots of young shoots to eat.”

Expert gardening tips

Watering your plants in the morning is a simple way to ensure that slugs are kept at bay.

“This ensures that the soil has dried out in the evening, when the slugs are most active. Wet soil at night can create a slug highway between plants,” the pros explained.

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You can also keep them away from your bedding by luring them to a shady spot with vegetable leaves, old bread, or even dried cat food.

“As they gather to feed at night, go ahead and pick them up.”

Borders can be great places for bedding plants


Borders can be great places for bedding plantsCredit: Getty
Choosing the right time to put out your bedding plants is key to their prosperity


Choosing the right time to put out your bedding plants is key to their prosperityCredit: Getty

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