COMMENT || Mersey can’t wait to host the Tasmanian Masters Games | the lawyer

It is a pleasure to be part of the organization of the Tasmanian Masters Games, which will be held in the Mersey area from 20-23 October 2022. As sponsor, I would like to congratulate the dedicated members of the committee, the volunteers who work hard and supporting clubs who have already committed to providing venues and organizing competitions for the games. October may seem like a long time away, however, the benefit of January’s announcement is that it gives those athletes, backyard legends, or “sports curious” a chance to chat with their friends, organize teams and maybe start training to get those masters age muscles in shape and ready. Personally, I’ve always found that having an event or goal to accomplish has helped me focus on my health and fitness. Knowing there’s something on the schedule can be a great motivator and help get me off the couch. The Masters Games is not about playing for sheep stations – it is an inclusive, fun and positive experience and anyone over Masters age (sport specific) is welcome to participate. In fact, “participating” is probably the key word. I can attest to the fact that some people who never make it to the podium have wonderful and memorable experiences at Masters events, just like those who break records or win medals. Don’t be shy – get involved. There will be a myriad of sports, suitable for all levels of experience and talent and months to prepare, if that helps dampen some butterflies. I would also take this opportunity to appeal to club and association committees in the Mersey area and beyond to contact the chairman, Steve Martin (0418 614 781), or myself via the electoral office (03 6422 3000) if your group would like to host a Masters event/sport. The Steering Committee is keen to consider a wide range of sports and venues, and to include lesser known or “new” sports in the program. There is also room for sites to offer social activities and even sponsors to help promote and support the games. Not only will this provide a social opportunity and a chance to reunite with friends, but it will also provide economic return to the business and the wider community. What do you think? You can have your say by sending us a letter to the editor using the form below.


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