Brandon Jones shares ideas for the perfect Valentine’s Day

Bachelorette Season 18 runner-up and fan favorite Brandon Jones shares his creative and romantic ideas for the perfect Valentine’s Day date.

the bachelorette Season 18 runner-up and fan favorite Brandon Jones shared his ideas for perfect Valentine’s Day dates. Brandon, a 27-year-old traveling nurse recruiter from Portland, Oregon, fell in love with Michelle Young during her season. Although she reciprocated those feelings, she felt an even deeper connection with Nayte Olukoya and she accepted Nayte’s proposal, leaving Brandon devastated with a broken heart.

Brandon stole the hearts of Bachelor Nation with his kind and heartfelt personality. People loved him so much they thought he should be the next star of The single person, or join the cast of Bachelor in Paradise this summer. Brandon said he thinks it’s too early to consider those options, but maybe his feelings will change once again. For now, based on his Instagram posts, he seems happy to be spending time with his family and friends as he resumes his normal life.


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In an interview with single nation, Brandon shared his ideas for the perfect Valentine’s Day date at various price points. If Brandon had a $0 budget, he said he would get up early to go for a walk in search of roses or other flowers he could pick to give to his Valentine. Then he would pack a picnic basket with food from home, and they would head to one of his favorite vantage points nearby. They would picnic on the hill until the sun went down as he held her in his arms. For a budget of $10, Brandon had an idea for a fun date. He would give himself and his date $4, and “Go to the dollar store for a scavenger hunt choosing four things that best describe us. I would take the remaining $2 to buy a disposable camera. We were walking around town making memories and I was capturing every moment with the camera until she’s exhausted.” Brandon had creative ideas for a $100 budget. He shared that he would start by buying 2,000 rose petals from Amazon and cover the room with them. They would come out on a path that would take him to lunch with mimosas. They would then head to a painting on canvas class which included the drinking of wine. Brandon explained, “It’s important because the way to my mother’s heart is through painting and since I suck at it, one of us has to be good.” He would then use the rest of the money to buy ingredients to make his favorite dessert at home. He added, “I would play music, 2000s R&B of course, cook, dance in the living room and enjoy each other’s company until the day is out.”

If Brandon’s budget was increased to $1,000, he said he “I would wake up my Valentine with kisses and an envelope.” The envelope would contain an itinerary for the day and a photo of a beachfront hotel where he, his date, and his dog, Mac, would be staying for the day. The first step would be to go shopping for a dress for her Valentine to wear to dinner that night. Then Brandon said they “I would fill the back of my truck with blankets, pillows, games and food before I hit the road.” They were enjoying their day at the beach in good weather, playing with his dog, swimming, lying in his truck bed, chatting, then taking a nap before dinner. The dinner would take place at a seaside restaurant with a table covered in rose petals, candles and her date’s favorite flowers. While they were having dinner, Brandon arranged for their hotel room to be furnished with “a chocolate fountain, desserts, Valentine’s Day roses, balloons and our favorite wine.” Brandon said the most important thing would be a note carried by his dog, which revealed “all the things that make her so special to me, and how that person really completes me. I would then release a necklace that connects to a similar necklace that I wear. Whether we are together or apart, you will always be my other half and nothing could come between that.”

Brandon is clearly a hopeless romantic. When he was dating Michelle during the bachelorette, he always put her first, which was one of the most endearing things about him. He deserves to find his true love. Let’s hope Brandon has a happy Valentine’s Day, however he chooses to celebrate.

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