I’m a gardening expert and it’s easy to fix an uneven and bumpy lawn with my simple tips.

As the sun comes out, it’s time to start getting our hands dirty and working on our gardens.

If you’re tired of seeing bald patches or bumps on your lawn, don’t worry.


Uneven grass can be sorted without the need for an expertCredit: Getty

Here are four simple tips to get your lawn looking lush again just in time for summer, without having to pay an expert to do it.

Smoothing out bumpy ground can be done any time of the year, but gardening experts at the Express report that it’s best to start in the spring.

Start with smaller bumps (less than an inch) and just use your foot to press them down firmly.

If you have animal holes, fill them with topsoil, compressing the soil with your foot to create a solid surface.

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I'm a gardening expert - my tips for making your garden and lawn lush all year round

Be sure to water the areas well to encourage new grass to grow to create an even finish.

For the big chunks and bumps, you’ll need to equip yourself with a few tools to help you out.

Start by mowing the lawn, then use a rake to lift up thatch (clumps of dead grass) and other organic matter.

Once you’ve removed the uneven areas, cover them with sand and soil using a 40:60 ratio.

Fill them in using a stiff bristle brush to create a flat surface and water well to encourage new grass to grow.

Finally, sow fresh grass seeds on any areas that are bare and need to be covered.

Be sure to distribute more on rare stains or on pieces that are born torn.

Always plant grass seeds on a mild spring day and be sure to water them well once the seeds have been sown.

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