Of the previous 4 weakest passing attempt games, the Jets have lost 2

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  • The New England Patriots took the clocks back to a bygone era of football on Monday night.
  • In beating the Buffalo Bills 14-10, the Pats executed the ball 46 times and threw just three passes.
  • In NFL history, four teams have won games with five or fewer passing attempts, and the New York Jets have lost two of those games.

Even when they’re not playing, the New York Jets – * my * New York Jets – sort of find themselves the butt of the joke.

In case you missed it, during the New England Patriots Monday Night football game against the Buffalo Bills, the legendary Pats head coach pulled out a playbook that looked like it came out of the 1940s when the Patriots played. ran the ball 46 times, while trying only three passes. Defeating Josh Allen and the Bills in their own backyard by a score of 14-10, the victory marked the fewest assists for a winning team in the past 30 seasons.

During the game, ESPN put out the four fewer previous passing attempts in a win, including three in the 1970s. And, of course, the New York Jets managed to end up on the chart, because they had managed to lose two of those games: in 1973 against the Buffalo Bills, who attempted only 5 assists, and in 1974 against the Buffalo Bills, who threw only TWO assists in that game.

Only the New York Jets could end up on the wrong side of these unique and historically gruesome football games. Luckily for the Jets (and I’m using “luckily” very, * very * loosely), they’ll avoid the distinction of becoming the very first 0-17 team in NFL history, because they sort of had three wins. this season despite having a head coach and quarterback tandem that is clearly above their heads. Just end the seasons.

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