The best board games for moviegoers

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for the moviegoer in your life this holiday season, why not consider a board game? There are loads of amazing games out there, and definitely something for every type of movie buff you can imagine. Whether it’s trivia, a themed game, or somewhere in between, you’ll find the perfect gaming gift for just about any movie buff. They range from a bit pricey to very affordable, so there is an option for just about any budget. Plus, who doesn’t love a gift that you can open right away and enjoy with dessert? They are the best.



This card game allows you to really test your knowledge of how movie actors, directors, and even a few characters are related. Testing your knowledge of the actors who worked together by connecting movie titles and actors and creating an array of cards on the table in front of you is great fun. Also, since each person’s knowledge is different, you can play Cinelinx competitively, if you think you are roughly equal, or are working cooperatively to try and successfully connect whatever cards you have in your hand. This game might take a little while, but it’s a lot of fun no matter which way you choose to play.



This is the ultimate game for the movie buff in your life. Cinephile is actually five games in one, with even more possibilities available through the remix games listed on the game’s official website. You can keep it simple and play Six Degrees of Kevin bacon, or try one of the other included movie quizzes. It’s the perfect game to play on sunny days in the backyard, but it’s also a great time to be snuggled up under a blanket during the colder months. The art style and well-crafted actor and actress card deck are incredibly versatile, and if you come up with your own variation to play with their game, you can submit it to their website for others to enjoy as well. It is truly the gift that keeps on giving.


Games on the theme of specialized films


Now, if movie trivia aren’t your special gift, but you still know how much he loves movies, maybe try to find a themed version of a popular board game. There are so many varieties, including about a million variations of Monopoly from Naruto To breaking Bad, Care Bears To Call of Duty. There are also themed Scrabble boards (especially for Harry potter fans), risk games (of the Lord of the Rings To Rick and morty Where Avengers), as well as Clue, Trouble, Apples to Apples, and many more. If there’s a franchise, there’s probably at least one Monopoly game for it.

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The hit game


Why not buy a game that will probably also ask you to give a detailed history of what exactly Blockbuster is and why it’s important enough for the movie world to have a game named after it? Anyone under the age of 25 is likely to need an explanation, in which case the nostalgia factor alone will gain you some serious credibility. This game is unique, but also a bit of a mix between charades and anecdotes, so there is all kinds of fun to be had. Take a trip down memory lane as you guess movie titles while playing The Blockbuster Game, and remember what it was like to browse the aisles of movie rentals. It’s a hobby moviegoers remember well, although we love the idea of ​​not having to leave the comforts of our living rooms to rent a movie these days.

Skip the popcorn


If you do better with a few clues rather than just answering questions, Pass the Popcorn is the game for you. Rather than focusing on trivia, this game wants you to guess the movie title on the card, using one of four clues to choose from. You can only choose the categories on the tiles in front of you, which vary depending on the cast, characters, quotes, or story. It’s a great time whether you’re playing two or eight, and will certainly test your cinematic knowledge in a unique and interesting way.

Geek Out: Pop Culture Party Card Game


Geek Out: Pop Culture Party is a great test for people who claim to be fans of pop culture. The cards in this game give you weird categories (think “movies with planes in it” or “TV shows with a color in the title) and you have to bid on how many titles you can name that match the criteria. This one isn’t just about movie trivia, so you’ll be tested on some books, TV, music, and various pop culture facts. If you find that your group has a hard time keeping track of movie title lists in your mind, you can always take turns naming the titles until someone fails. Then the last person to nominate one receives the card. It’s also a great way to spend time on the road. Even the driver can play the game.

Trivial Pursuit


Last, but certainly never the least, is the tried and true, trusted and trusted Trivia Pursuit. Whether you’re playing the old version of general culture or one of the zillions of specialty varieties, you won’t be disappointed with this true classic. If you are strictly a cinephile, you might be interested in a thematic version like Harry potter, the Lord of the Rings, Star wars, or one of the varieties of pop culture. If you like all kinds of trivia then you will probably want to go for the full game, maybe even one of the anniversary editions. Whatever iteration of Trivial Pursuit you play, collect your pieces of the cake and earn the title of Trivial Pursuit winner, which is almost as special as being a Monopoly winner these days.

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