Rainforest Masks of Costa Rica returns to the downtown Selby Gardens campus in Sarasota

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Pictured: Rainforest mask sculptor. Photo courtesy of Selby Gardens.

The loved one Costa Rican Rainforest Masks The exhibit returns to the downtown Sarasota campus of Selby Gardens in January. The 18th annual exhibition and sale showcases the art of the indigenous Boruca tribe in Costa Rica, where traditional mask-making is a way of life. Guests will experience (and be able to purchase) vibrant, hand-carved and painted balsa wood masks featuring the stunning flora and fauna of the rainforest. This year Rainforest masks The exhibition also highlights Borucan’s textile-making tradition. Borucan weavers use natural resources such as leaves and seeds of plants to dye their cotton, and the exhibit will include several specimens of dried plants from the Selby Gardens herbarium in their area. Proceeds from the sale of masks support the village of Borucan and also benefit the education, research, horticulture and scientific work of Selby Gardens.

Preview: Friday January 7, 2022. Visitors have two options to preview this breathtaking spectacle and participate in the sale of masks in front of the general public. Capacity is limited. Early Admission: 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. $ 55 for Selby Gardens members, $ 60 for non-members. Regular admission: 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. $ 25 for members of Selby Gardens, $ 30 for non-members. January 8-9: Opening weekend and “Pop-Up Shop”. During the official opening weekend of the exhibition, the Museum of Botany and the Arts will be offering other handmade items, such as jewelry, for sale.

Pictured: Rainforest mask sculptor. Photo courtesy of Selby Gardens.

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