10 Best Wii U Games You Should Play

Before you want to buy Nintendo Switch, you might want to check out all the great games Will has to offer. Most are exclusive to the Wii U, and some are ported.

Nonetheless, each game listed below will provide hours of entertainment, some of which you will cherish in your memories.

Play with your friends and family as Nintendo games are primarily for couch co-op, but you can also enjoy it in your comfort zone. Below are the top 10 Wii U games you should be playing.

Best Wii U Games

I have handpicked the list of top 10 amazing games from all Wii U games. These are critically acclaimed games by gamers all over the world, and I too enjoyed playing them. From fast-paced combat to peaceful and relaxing simulation, I present to you the ten best Wii U games you should be playing.

pikmine 3

Nintendo has created a game with charming characters, unique worlds, and clever level designs. Playing Pikmin 3 feels like a tour of my garden, exploring tiny creatures and guiding them to your goal.

In Pikmin 3, you play as a little extraterrestrial person who crashed on an alien planet in search of food and resources. Then you are greeted by tiny little plants that will fight for you and help you get home.

In this new world teeming with life is also an inhabitant of wild creatures ready to attack you. With the help of little guys, you bring back scarce resources to your planet.

Unlock new fruits and trinkets as you explore four unique worlds and solve puzzles with the gameplay mechanics of three new squads. Play with your friends to solve more puzzles together.

Pikmin3 is a delightful game that had me losing my mind for hours. It took me 17 hours to complete the main campaign, and I found those hours refreshing. I wish there were more games like this.

shovel knight

Shovel Knight.

Shovel Knight gives you a touch of nostalgia with his suit inspired by old NES games. If you were born in the NES era, you’ll feel right at home with its sixteen pixel-based soundtracks and upgraded mechanics from old retro games. It’s what fans of retro NES games have always dreamed of.

Although the game is heavily inspired by old retro games, it never feels like a copycat. Instead, it’s nice to know that such games are still being created. Jump to various unique locations with its Mario 3 inspired world map. Each level has its own theme with its unique platform.

As a Shovel Knight, your ultimate weapon is your shovel. You can dig, jump on enemies, break objects and shovel your enemies into oblivion with your shovel. It’s a fresh take on old school games and if you’re looking to refresh your old NES memories, go play this game.

Creator of Super Mario

Creator of Super Mario.

Celebrate Mario’s 38th birthday with a Super Mario creator. With its accessible level of construction, you’ll spend hours going back and forth between scene builder and gameplay.

He has 10 Mario challenges with 60 stages, some requiring puzzle platforming while others require precision. Mario Stage Creator gives you sixty individual blocks to create your own challenges.

You can create fun contraptions or let your imagination run wild. The choice is yours.

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Jelly

 Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Jelly.

It’s a great platformer that demands precision and skill as you punch, roll, and bongo your way through enemies. With its tight level design, the game challenges you to your limits.

If you’re a hardcore platformer and want more challenge, you can play with your friends who can control smaller characters while carrying them on your back.

Each level is unique, with hidden challenges and puzzle pieces. Acquiring them will later unlock other allies with special abilities. The game shines the most in its dynamic designs and impressive soundtracks. Engaging with exciting bosses with awesome soundtracks makes the moment memorable.



A third person shooter that has you painting your wall. Splatoon uses creative use of ink for its territorial combat. Choose from the range of ridiculous weapons and a secondary and splatter the arena with your paint.

There are twelve symmetrical cards, each with its own unique way of splattering paint buckets. What may seem simple and fun quickly becomes an intricate depiction of a war zone. You can choose the turf warpaint or the rainmaker in a Fight 4 against 4 players.

Fight your way through the enemy base in the territory warpaint, or you can choose the rainmaker mode and bombard your enemy base.

In addition to the gameplay, you can also customize your character with several different clothes that you can buy on Inkopolis Square. It is a new take on arena combat third person shooter games.

Super Mario 3D World

Super Mario 3D World.

Play with a group of four friends and immerse yourself in the world of Mario by obtaining various bonuses. Super Mario 3d world brings back the world of super Mario that was back in NES and brings them into 3d worlds. Reach different worlds to fight Bowesr and collect fairies to open a new path.

Playing with friends and families is especially fun as you come across different levels and solve them together. With vibrant worlds and hidden secrets to unlock, you can get lost in the 3D world of Mario.

Mario Kart 8

  Mario Kart 8

Mario kart 8 is a predecessor of all other Mario kart racing games. It improves game mechanics and adds other awesome new features such as brand new anti-gravity features, super horn to counter blue shells, and many more.

With its twelve-player online mode and four-player split-screen mode, Mario Kart offers a variety of content for enjoyment. The track design is also uniquely integrated with new anti-gravity mechanics.

Now you can also highlight videos on YouTube and the best part is that you can re-watch your game in slow motion and check every detail the game has to offer as Mario Kart 8 improves in every detail.

Bayonet 2

Bayonet 2

Bayonetta 2 is a fast and fluid action game to discover. Take on the role of a sassy lady and defeat your enemies with style and grace. His actions are sometimes sexually appealing but not too much to stray from the character. The game is much more of an adrenaline rush with its Animations 60 fps.

The game is full of glassed-in combat and over-the-top combat that will keep you on your toes. Either way, the game isn’t overrated aside from its quirky dialogues. Every punch, kick, and weapon swing is satisfying when done right.

You’ll kick enemies from left to right with smashing combos and summon demons to attack. It’s just the right game for hardcore gamers but also welcomes newcomers.

I blew my steam for ten hours of combat, and it was amazing to mix and match combos. Before I knew it, enemies were dancing to the beat of my weapons.

Super Smash Bros.

  Super Smash Bros.

It’s a completely chaotic game with beautifully crafted and finely balanced action. Each character has their own personality which follows the movements and actions of the fighters through to the story. You can play iconic Nintendo characters such as Mario, Sonic, Link, Pacman and many more.

Fighting against eight players in a match is ridiculous but also very intense. You can also tackle 2vs2 with friends online. Its combat mechanism is easy to master but difficult to master.

Several modes add constant variety, like the event mode which makes it easier to learn by letting you play with robot players. Each mode also offers players unlockable rewards, trophies, and more.

You can replay your battle to review all your actions. The game has so much content that it’s hard to let go of the controller. It’s engaging.

The Legend of Zelda Breath Of The Wild

     The Legend of Zelda Breath Of The Wild

The first time Legend of Zelda has created a real open-world game and it’s breathtaking. You can reach as far as your eyes can see. A truly open-world game with no invisible walls blocking your path or level caps.

Once we’re done with The Great Plateau, we can explore the vast desert or run straight to the boss, although I wouldn’t recommend the latter.

Breath of the wild has had me spending hundreds of hours unraveling secret locations, gratifying my curiosity to the bitter end, and this game never failed to amaze me.

From the grassy lands of Hyrule’s planes to the volcanic sites of Goron Town, there’s always something to explore around the corner, and that’s what I love most about Breath of the Wild.

You also have various creative ways to encounter enemies. You can run straight into their camp and start fighting, or you can sneak attack at night while they sleep, or you can throw bombs from afar.

There are so many ways, and the Zelda community is still discovering many hidden tips and tricks; it’s amazing. I didn’t know that could happen, or that you could get elemental damage. So many subtle game designs that make Zelda a truly fun experience.

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