5 gardening tips you can use this spring

Prepare the ground

Additional preparation is needed a little deeper in the ground.

“Now is the time to go ahead and add your fresh compost and topsoil to your vegetable and garden beds in preparation for that frost-free date that usually occurs at the beginning of April. April,” Zeigler told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

She also recommends mixing a good compost or soil amendment in a 50/50 ratio into your existing soil. Properly prepare your soil and you will literally lay the foundation for a great growing season.

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weed prevention

Any gardener knows that weeds are a killjoy. But Ziegler said there is a way to prevent the spread of weeds and crabgrass before you plant.

First, apply crabgrass preventative now. In the future, you can start weed control in January and February so you don’t have to do as much work in the spring and summer. This job includes hand picking weeds from your grass and garden beds.

Second, spread layer after layer of mulch. Thick layers prevent weeds. After clearing your gardens and flower beds, be sure to pick up any mulch that was there. Spread a few extra layers of mulch to save yourself hours of hands and knees pulling weeds. The University of Georgia extension encourages mulching between rows to help control weeds.

Add color

Winter is a tough time for gardening, with chilly temperatures and frost. But don’t forget about the color you can add to your garden. Now is a great time to plant cool-season vegetables like broccoli, cabbage, and cabbage. UGA Extension also recommends root vegetables such as carrots and turnips. Cool-season herbs — like rosemary, parsley, cilantro, and sage — are even easier to manage in a nearby outdoor container.

“All are evergreen and can take the cold and can add a nice color to your pots,” Ziegler said.

Strawberries are an easy way to continue adding color. Wait until late February or early March to plant them. According to Ziegler, strawberries are a versatile plant with a quick turnover. Plant in a container or a small pot if you are short on space. They will also find their place in a vegetable garden. While waiting to harvest, you will be rewarded with beautiful flowers.

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Plant trees and shrubs

Now is a good time to plant trees and shrubs. In fact, they are best planted when the weather is cool. And although the ground doesn’t freeze in the south, there are benefits to planting them now.

“It gives them time to establish their root system when it’s not hot, long before the stress and summer heat sets in, and then you can have an established plant that doesn’t have need that much water,” Ziegler said.

While the weather is still cool, plant azaleas, roses and hydrangeas in larger spaces. They can start flowering as early as April and May. Snapdragons and pansies would make a colorful refresh for any containers or pots along balconies and porches.

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