Arterberry Cooke designs a bright, child-friendly kitchen

Jill Weller

Refreshing is the word that comes to mind when talking about a design and architecture firm based in Los Angeles Arterberry cookethe style. It’s clear in this remodel of a kitchen and master bath in a 1927 Spanish-style home in the city’s Atwater Village neighborhood. Designer Barrett Cooke revitalized the dark, dreary and downright dysfunctional former kitchen by reworking the layout and adding a walnut butcher block island with ample storage, durable walnut cabinets and high-end appliances .

Following Cooke’s interventions, the kitchen is sleek and timeless, with understated ingenuity and sophistication. She optimized the functionality of the kitchen while creating a timeless and inviting space that is family-friendly and ideal for entertaining. Like the bathroom – which was virtually unusable – Cooke solved this problem by relocating the laundry room, creating a spa-like bathroom sanctuary, and allowing all common areas to flow well and be filled with natural light.

The result? A layout that maximizes practicality and usable space while creating spaces for the whole family.

dining area, bench seat, rattan chairs

Jill Weller

Q&A with the designer

How would you describe the aesthetic of your design? And the style of your clients?

Working in Los Angeles, we are blessed with a wide variety of historic home styles. We always try to take inspiration from the existing architecture of each house and look into the appropriate style. Many of our clients have lived in their homes for several years and we can see which items are working and which need more attention. Our goal is to bring brightness and warmth to every space we work on. We acknowledge the existence of children, pets and messes.

For this project, the house had a very beautiful neutral and timeless style. The owners wanted the bathroom to feel like a chic hotel bathroom, generously sized and like a retreat. They were open to being more playful in the kitchen: while many elements are classic, the cabinetry is bright and vibrant.

How does this piece represent their personality compared to yours?

We see ourselves as facilitators in bringing out the most compelling moments. We are fortunate to work with clients who have a unique vision and personality. For this project, clients loved elements from our past work, but tweaked them and lightened the colors to better suit their design aesthetic.

White kitchen with arch and dark wood island

Jill Weller

What were your customers’ absolute must-haves?

Customers wanted a wide range and a comfortable place for everyone to gather and prepare food. We also wanted to create better access to the backyard, which was previously accessed through a dark laundry room. We moved the laundry room and let the exterior door hang straight out of the kitchen.

Explain how you created the room’s color scheme.

Clients referenced a previous project of ours that also featured blue kitchen cabinets and a walnut island, but they chose this lighter blue color, which matched their style a bit more and gave it a burst of flavor. fresh air to space.

What vibe does the space give off?

The ambiance of the kitchen is casual yet graceful and sophisticated. It feels approachable and not overly precious while still having sweet, awkward moments. The materials are durable and can withstand the wear and tear of young children, while presenting a bright and fresh aesthetic.

What do you like best about the finished project?

I like the comfort and brightness of the space. The space is finally reconnected to the outside, which improves the functionality and fluidity of the whole kitchen.

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