How many medals did India win in hockey at the Commonwealth Games?

Hockey has always been synonymous with India. While the sport has certainly had its ups and downs in India, the national team’s hegemony at the Olympics will always be cherished. The 1980s and beyond saw a decline in the performance of both men and women on the court. However, with the introduction of hockey to the Commonwealth Games in 1998, the teams regained their mojo and performed terrifically in the competition.

Indian teams have managed to win four medals in the sport so far (one gold, three silver).

India’s hockey performance at the CWG

Manchester Games in 2002

After both the men’s and women’s teams finished fourth in the 1998 games, the latter came back with determination and went all the way to claim gold, while the former could not qualify for the competition. The women beat the England national team under the management of Suraj Lata Devi. It was a big moment for women’s hockey in India as victory was won by a now iconic movie, ‘Chak De India’.

2006 Melbourne Games

The women’s team continued to shine as they placed second to win the silver medal. The men, on the other hand, could not get out of their bad form as they finished sixth in this edition.

Delhi 2010 Games

In their backyard, the men’s team returned to winning ways after taking silver while the women’s team had to settle for a 5e placed finish.

Glasgow 2014 Games

The results did not change for either team, with the men winning another silver and the women winning another 5.e placed finish.

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