5 ideas for a green date

Dating is the time you spend with your loved one, like going to the movies or a fancy dinner.

But over the past century, human consumption, population, global trade and urbanization have all grown very rapidly. As a result, people are now using more of the Earth’s resources than they can naturally regenerate.

There is no doubt that human beings are responsible for these problems. And because we the people have the power to change or damage the world around us, we also have control over it.

With this in mind, even small changes in our lifestyles can impact the world around us. Making your date more eco-responsible can, for example, be an interesting starting point.

Here are five ideas for spending time with your loved ones while being environmentally conscious!

A zero waste Saturday picnic

(image credit: Good Friends Events)

You can’t go wrong with a picnic. Saturday afternoons under the trees in the late summer sun can be especially intimate when shared with loved ones, making you look like a couple in love in a very Instagrammable setting.

But how to make your picnic zero waste? Is it possible?

Well, being zero waste can be very simple. It basically means being responsible enough to bring everything yourself, from reusable cloth napkins and straws and food containers at bins and dishes.

Hike and stargaze

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Exploring the outdoors with your loved one is a great way to experience the beauty of nature while getting some exercise, whether the hike lasts all day or just a few hours.

Hiking not only improves our overall health and fitness, but it also extends our lives and improves our quality of life. It’s not a sprint to the finish line, but rather a low-impact activity that lets you enjoy your date and the beauty of nature.

After a long day of trekking, be sure to take a moment to look up at the night sky and kiss the stars!

Try gardening

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Gardening can be a very unique way to spend your eco-friendly date.

When you plant something together, it can be a tangible representation or a symbol of the development and growth of your relationship. Seeds for your garden are also a great gift for you and your date.

If you live in a big city, planting a potted plant can be very useful: it helps to cultivate more green spaces and reduces your stress levelimprove mental health and well-being.

Shop at the farmer’s market and cook together

(image credit: Casey Green Market)

By buying things at a farmer’s market, you not only benefit from the freshest food and ingredients, but you are also helping the local community. When you get home, you can cook meals with your date and create a romantic setting for dinner.

Plus, cooking at home makes you less susceptible to contracting COVID-19 and is kinder to the environment as it involves no takeout boxes, less travel, and less waste.

Go to a museum or art gallery

(image credit: istock)

Going to a museum or small art gallery is also a good idea for an eco-friendly date, allowing you to both view artwork and support local artists and the community.

Taking public transit or walking to your favorite museum can help reduce your transportation footprint. And on the way back, you can reminisce about the day’s events and engage in deep, meaningful conversation inspired by the art you saw.

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