I am a gardening expert and this is the exact date you need to purchase your outdoor furniture

ARE YOU green thumbed?

Well, if you like your garden to look good, then you’ll want to listen.


If you want glamorous garden furniture this year, listen upCredit: Getty

Although neatly trimmed trees, plants and bushes are what make a garden beautiful, it’s also about how you style it.

And now garden furniture experts have shared the “exact” date when you need to buy furniture to help overcome furniture shortages.

Patio furniture is a great addition to any outdoor space and can instantly transform a green space.

It may only be January, but the weather is freezing and we are all (hopefully) looking forward to seeing some sunshine and spending time in our gardens this summer.

Over the past two years there has been a huge increase in demand for garden furniture during the warmer months, leaving many people stuck on waiting lists or left without.

Ryan Schwarze, outdoor furniture expert at Luxury Rattan has revealed the exact date to grab your outdoor furniture.

You might think it’s early in the year to think about your garden, but to make sure you can get your hands on the perfect outdoor furniture for your home, you need to start thinking about it early in the year. year.

Ryan told The Express: ‘To avoid the crazy rush that starts in the spring, we suggest that you buy or look to buy your garden furniture and accessories on February 7, because that’s when we we’re starting to see demand increase.

“Securing your furniture by this date means you’ll usually be able to get exactly what you want, instead of opting for what’s left over and it leaves you plenty of time for delivery before peak dates.”

“With your garden furniture ordered, you can start preparing your seating area, consider adding other accessories such as an outdoor rug or fire pit before you start the rest of your garden maintenance tasks before the sunshine – which means you’ll have more time to relax later!”

When buying garden furniture, it is important that you know how to take care of it and that you make sure to clean it regularly.

The experts at All Round Fun have shared their best ways to clean and protect outdoor furniture, to ensure it stays cool in the winter and looks great in the summer months.

They said, “Gently scrub your wooden patio furniture with warm soapy water.

“Some wooden furniture, like teak, can even be rinsed with a pressure washer.


“Always check what wood yours is made of, as water can lift the grain of other types.”

If that’s not enough and your garden furniture needs a little more attention, it can be lightly sanded.

Experts say: “If your furniture needs a deep cleaning, let it dry completely after washing before ironing it with light sandpaper.

“It will help get rid of any deep-rooted stains and scuff marks.”

Put February 7 in your diaries!


Put February 7 in your diaries!Credit: Getty

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