I’m a gardening expert and there’s a product I swear on to make your lawn green.

NOW that it’s officially spring, it’s time to get your garden in order.

The best place to start making a noticeable difference is in your lawn.


Clever lawn trick is ideal for last-minute garden partiesCredit: Getty

Gardening expert Sam from JayRock Lawncare & Gardening recently shared his tips for getting a greener lawn in just two hours.

Before you do anything else, trim the edges of your lawn, it will make a huge difference in how it looks.

Then it’s time for the big cut, for a more professional look you can try cutting it in straight lines like Sam does.

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You might think the work is done after the grass has been cut and trimmed, but the pro says there’s one more thing to do that’s key to a lush lawn.

Sam’s secret ingredient is TotalLawn Instant Green.

He says the product should have your garden party ready in a matter of hours.

The gardening genius says the reason the product works so well is because it contains chelated iron.

“It’s almost like a sticker, so when you apply the iron it will stick to the sheet and continue to absorb.

No more uneven grass with Sam's simple trick


No more uneven grass with Sam’s simple trickCredit: Getty

“Instead of getting lost in the ground and flowing away, it helps him hold it in and work faster.”

After two hours, Sam’s garden looked lush and green.

The miracle product has made a huge difference to his lawn, he says he’s sure it will continue to get greener as the day goes on.

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