I’m a gardening pro – the best plants to grow in shady areas of your garden

The UK is set for another cold winter month.

Temperatures are not expected to rise again before the end of May.


The gardening genius had many plant suggestions for dark spots in the gardenCredit: TikTok/@greenfingeredcityboy

Many avid gardeners struggle with what to do with their outdoor space.

Lack of sun doesn’t mean you can’t get your green thumb dirty.

This gardening genius shared the plants that will thrive in the shade on TikTok.

Fatsia Japonica is the top choice for enthusiasts: “These grow bigger to give you structure,” he shared.

Another great option are hellebores, which don’t need too much sun to survive.

“You get so many interesting leaves and look at those flowers,” the gardening god said.

Foxgloves can also work well in shady corners of your garden.

The lilac flowers of this plant will brighten up your space and won’t be too difficult to maintain.

Hostas also thrive in less sunny locations.

The plant, also known as the plantain lily, is a very shade-tolerant foliage plant and works great in garden borders.

The pro says there are plenty of ferns that will love the shade.

Tongue ferns are especially beautiful in any garden and don’t take up too much space.

“Although if your budget is a little bigger I would recommend the tree ferns, they look indestructible.

“But you have to protect them during the winter,” he added.

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Avid gardeners loved the advice: “We’ve had great success in our shady spot with Hostas and ferns over the past few years, lots of different for Varity.”

Another added: “Yes! and remove the big flowers on Hellebours to show off the flowers better!”

Hellebore flowers bring shaded areas to life


Hellebore flowers bring shaded areas to lifeCredit: TikTok/@greenfingeredcityboy
Gorgeous leafy plants don't need a lot of sun at all


Gorgeous leafy plants don’t need a lot of sun at allCredit: TikTok/@greenfingeredcityboy
Pro recommendations ensure no corner of your space is left bare


Pro recommendations ensure no corner of your space is left bareCredit: TikTok/@greenfingeredcityboy

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