New PBS Series, GardenFit, Visits America’s Most Fabulous Gardens While Helping Homeowners With Their Fitness

GardenFit Home Hollister

GardenFit Productions

A new PBS series aims to help America’s gardeners ease the physical pains of gardening, and we know more than a few people who could benefit from it.

GardenFit follows expert gardener Madeline Hooper and professional fitness trainer Jeff Hughes as they travel the United States to visit gardens and farms, sharing practical tips to help gardeners get “GardenFit”.

“Taking care of your garden while taking care of your body is our mission,” Hooper says in the show’s intro.

GardenFit Madeline Hooper Jeff Hughes

GardenFit Madeline Hooper Jeff Hughes

GardenFit Productions

From Connecticut to California, Hooper and Hughes visit more than a dozen home gardens and specialty farms – vegetable gardens, Japanese, English, desert, Native American heritage gardens and more – across America, learning about each unique environment and its knowledgeable owner. Each show begins with a tour of the property, highlighting its gardening styles while discussing ideas, tips and techniques before discussing the guest’s physical aches and pains.

Using his no-nonsense approach to fitness, Hughes analyzes these issues and provides tips and solutions with the goal of getting the “GardenFit” Guest Gardener. Each episode also includes a four-week follow-up visit to show how the training tips worked and celebrate what’s new in the garden.

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“We don’t teach people how to garden,” says co-host Hooper. “We’re launching a ‘GardenFit’ movement that integrates gardening with fitness techniques to prevent aches and pains.”

The first season features 13 episodes and nationwide premieres starting March 21, 2022 on public television (check local listings).

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