The contemporary house in Aluva is distinguished by comfortable interiors and elegant designs

This fabulous mansion renowned for its elegant box-style elevation and design features is located at Alangadu in Aluva. Owner Jaison and his family named the house Thanal, which means ‘shadow’. The house is designed in the style of contemporary architecture to meet the tastes of a modern family. The double height brick facing wall is the highlight of the elevation.

A huge banyan tree stands on the road in front of the house. This was also taken into account when designing the structure. For example, the cut-out patterns of the leaves in the car porch were inspired by it. The glass ceiling, on the other hand, allows sunlight to draw beautiful patterns on the wall.

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The front yard has been paved with natural stone and grass. The vertical bars on the balcony act as a chic design element. Plus, this feature ensures privacy from the hustle and bustle of the main road.

Designed on 2,500 square feet, this astonishing abode has a living area, living room and dining room, pantry, four bedrooms, upper hall and balcony. The interiors, on the other hand, are minimally furnished to facilitate maintenance as the family is settled abroad.

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The small hallway that starts from the sit out leads to the formal living room. This double-height space has huge windows lined up against the walls. This brings a lot of natural sunlight into the house, illuminating the interiors in the sun. The double-height family living room is also the place that connects the two floors.

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The minimal staircase is a steel structure with wooden planks as steps. Thin stainless steel rods were installed as a guardrail. A small door connects the dining room to the courtyard.

Two bedrooms each have been fitted out on the two floors. The bedrooms adjoining the bathroom have built-in wardrobes for storage. There is a separate walk-in closet in the master bedroom.

Photo credit: Special arrangement / Manorama Online

The open pantry is close to the dining room. Meanwhile, the center divider counter could also be used as a quaint breakfast area.

The expat family say their brand new home is the perfect place for a relaxing vacation.

Photo credit: Special arrangement / Manorama Online

Project facts
Location – Alangadu, Aluva
Area – 2,500 square feet
Owner -Jaison
Design – Anjith Augustine, Rakhi Johnson
City Future Design Collaboration
Completion year – 2021

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