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Often the greenest and most amazing places in an urban environment, botanical gardens serve as recreational spaces where the public can interact with the natural world in a context that inspires awe and respect. These gardens serve as essential green spaces in cities, not only for people, but also for pollinators, including bees, bats, butterflies and birds. They also help lower temperatures and filter the air. (Speaking of urban green spaces, here are the best cities for urban gardening.)

Aside from expressions of sheer beauty, botanical gardens have always served a more important purpose. The first collections of plants called “physical gardens” were established in medieval Europe as research centers to discover and teach the medicinal and therapeutic qualities of plants. Some 19th century botanical gardens were established in tropical and subtropical areas to catalog the various plants native to that region. Today, herbaria that list thousands of species of flora are part of almost all major botanical gardens.

In the 21st century, as we see climate change and mass extinctions, the role of botanical gardens is evolving towards one of conservation. The protection and spread of threatened, endangered and native species and habitats has become paramount. Propagation facilities and seed banks are not uncommon in modern botanical gardens. (Here are the most endangered wildlife in each state.)

24/7 Tempo has compiled a list of the best botanical gardens in the world by reviewing articles on the subject appearing on many travel, gardening, and general interest websites, including Far away, Travel and leisure, Spirit of adventure, Planet alone, Veranda, Free time, thrill, Garden design, Well planted, and Balcony Garden Web.

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Some of the gardens on the list are free parks sponsored by the state, while others are private collections managed in family estates. Many are the work of a dedicated botanist and some have been rejuvenated after near-ruin. The world’s best botanical gardens span six continents and feature plants from almost every biome on the planet, from deserts to rainforests to high mountains.

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