The thriving vegetable garden in Islamabad

Islamabad: The trend of vegetable gardening is increasing in Islamabad as people of the capital are keenly interested in growing fresh and nutritious vegetables, fruits and spices (condiments) on their terraces and rooftops.

Faiza Warraich, a housewife in Islamabad, opined that she no longer worries about spending hundreds of rupees on daily meals as she told this agency that she grows 12-15 vegetables and condiments at home, which would help him run the kitchen easily. the year.

“Three years ago, I knew nothing about the vegetable garden. Then I started watching YouTube videos and now I’m a vegetable gardening master. We live in a 5 Marla house and have enough space on the roof to place 20 pots for gardening,” she said.

Umer Naseer, a 20-year-old student, said he had been very interested in the vegetable garden since childhood and used the house terrace to grow mint, onions, tomatoes, squash, lemons and cucumbers.

“The homegrown vegetables not only provide hygienic food for our family, but also help us save thousands of rupees per month,” he added.

Naaima Afzal Zaki, a working woman in Islamabad, said she lived in a hostel and found it very difficult to eat healthy, but since she started growing vegetables and fruits on her balcony, his problems were solved.

Strawberry, cucumber, bitter gourd, lemon plants on the balcony not only give me a chance to make fresh juice, but also add more beauty to my ambience which gives me fresh vibes every day that I enjoy. ‘she expresses.

Zeeshan Mirza, a resident of the I-8 area, said he was overweight and the doctor suggested he eat as many raw vegetables as possible.

“I have turnip, carrot, candied radish, lemon and mint daily in the salad which I grow in pots on my roof, which really helps me lose weight,” he said. he adds.

Dr Ghulam Jellani, Vegetables Program Manager, Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC), said the upcoming spring season is an ideal time for vegetable gardening, especially for growing items used daily at home like vegetables. onions, tomatoes, green chiles, bitter gourd, cucumber, and bell peppers in jars.

“Always try to use clay pots and avoid using plastic pots for the vegetable garden because the high temperature affects the roots of the plants in the summer,” he added.

He said that PARC has always encouraged vegetable gardening in Pakistan and in this regard, we provide training to different groups, farmers, individuals and also distribute seedlings.

“If you are a home Gardner enthusiast and don’t know anything about home gardening, come to PARC, we will train you and provide you with seedlings as well,” he said.

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