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Spring is here, and if your FYP TikTok looks anything like ours, you’re inundated with gardening videos that have you super excited to start your own outdoor project. But there is one key element that every dedicated gardener seems to use: compost. Fortunately, unlike some other gardening essentials, you can actually make compost yourself. And believe it or not, when we saw a preview of Aldi’s Discoveries in April, we noticed they were selling a super-affordable drum composter.

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In an Instagram post, Aldi shared that on April 20, they will start selling a tumbler composter for just $59.99.

Tumbler composters make the composting process easier. In traditional composting, you might have several different piles of deteriorating organic matter in your garden that need to be turned and shoveled or forked several times a week. The result is still nutrient-rich compost, which helps build healthy soil and allows plants to grow to their full potential, but all that shoveling and pitching work is hard work.

With a tumbling composter
, you add your produce scraps and yard clippings (and even brown paper bags, newspaper scraps, and eggshells), then easily rotate the barrel a few times a week. This adds oxygen to the mix, which helps break down the materials inside the barrel.

If you don’t have an Aldi near you, but want to start composting, you can actually find affordable composters on Amazon.

This tumbling composter
has two chambers, so you always have compost on hand ready to use. This tumbler composter is on sale for 19% off, making it just $80.90. It’s a bit more expensive than Aldi’s version, but it has two chambers, and you can order it even if you don’t live near an Aldi.

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Courtesy of FCMO Outdoor.

If you want to try a traditional compost pile, take a look at this adjustable compost bin.
It’s remarkably affordable, and if you have a large yard or plan to have a lot of produce waste to compost, the large size might be a good choice.

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Courtesy of Zodight.

Compost is so rich and good for the soil that some people even call it black gold. Whether you opt for Aldi’s tumbler composter or an affordable Amazon compost solution, your garden will thank you.

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