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Jaison’s brand new house which exudes the great elegance of colonial architecture has become a major landmark in Peringottukara in Thrissur. The stately 6,000 square foot mansion boasts luxurious features and stunning amenities. Designer Latheesh Menon deserves credit for designing this lavish mansion, catering to the tastes and interests of the family living abroad.

The 30-cent lot is secured with an elaborate compound wall constructed using solid blocks. The gate, meanwhile, has a unique design in wood and tempered glass. The natural stone cladding on the compound wall is an interesting design element. The lush green lawns are paved with Quran grass. Meanwhile, the driveway between the lawns and the front yard has been paved with Bangalore stones.

It is the fabulous structure and color scheme that gives this home a colonial charm. The walls take on a white tint that makes the spaces brighter. In addition, the natural stone cladding and shingles that are paved on the roof add to the elegant appearance of the elevation. The doors and windows of the exterior walls are all made of exquisite teak wood. These also have a sleek white paint finish. The glass roof above the gangway leading to the sit-out was made of glass and GI. Meanwhile, the fabulous mix of flat and sloping roofs is the highlight of the grand structure.

The house has two entrances, built to meet the needs of the family. One entrance leads to an office / guest area while the other leads to the interiors from the sit-out. The floors of this luxurious mansion have been made in a combination of vitrified tiles and granite. The doors and windows are made of teak wood to make it sturdy and stylish. Interiors are cleverly designed to receive natural sunshine and abundant fresh air. The roof and wall pergolas and skylight bring plenty of golden sunshine into the house, illuminating the spaces with natural sunlight.

The incredible management of space is the highlight of the interiors. It allows great communication between spaces and facilitates interior circulation. Meanwhile, the spaces are designed around the central courtyard which is the soul of the house. Interestingly, most of the facilities are arranged on the ground floor itself. The drawing and living spaces, the prayer space, the family living room, the courtyard, the kitchen, the dining room and the bedrooms are on the ground floor. The custom-made furniture looks stylish and makes the interior space just as efficient. Most of the furnishing work in this sumptuous residence has been done in teak wood.

The elegant natural stone cladding makes the central courtyard wall an eye-catching element. Textured paints and beautiful wallpapers were used to make the interiors attractive. The living room and the dining room are arranged on either side of the courtyard. The dining table is simple and was made of wood with a white nano top. Meanwhile, the staircase features an elegant combination of wood, glass, and GI square pipe. A picturesque beauty area has also been set up under the stairs to save space.

The kitchen on the island is open and has all modern amenities. The counter was paved with white nano. Lots of cabinets and counters to have been fitted out for storage.

The master bedroom is stylish and extremely functional as well. The upholstery of the head cushion is attractive. A private courtyard has been created as part of the master bedroom.

Jaison has five children. Thus, a spacious and richly furnished bedroom has been arranged for them. It has bunk beds and plenty of storage space. Spacious spaces, beautifully designed features and modern amenities make this grand mansion an expat’s dream.

Project facts

Location – Peringottukara, Thrissur

Owner – Jaison AK

Land – 30 cents

Area – 6000 square feet

Designer – Latheesh Menon

Nirmaan Designs, Chazhur, Thrissur

Phone. – 9847138241

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