21 best lunch ideas for Mother’s Day

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Ree Drummond knows it better than anyone: being a mom takes to work and a lot. Between helping Ladd at the Drummond Ranch, running his cooking show, and raising five kids, she has her hands full! That’s why her kids make her an adorable breakfast in bed for Mother’s Day every year. If you want to do something really special for Mother’s Day, follow your own sweet breakfast in bed with a delicious lunch.

These Mother’s Day lunch recipes include spring salads, sides and main courses so you have the ultimate spread. Make sure mom feels all the love with a meal made with love. There are delicious recipes from the sea, including shrimp tacos with mango salsa and a chipotle Caesar salad with grilled salmon. Or opt for a comfort food like beef stroganoff or Texas chili. There’s even a surf and turf option if you can’t decide (Ree’s glorious bacon-wrapped scallops with chili butter). And if your mom is a vegetarian, we have plenty of vegetarian options for you. Don’t forget to give him a nice gift afterwards! Check out Ree’s amazing Mother’s Day gift guide for all the best bets.

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Arugula salad and three peas

This spring green salad is just the side to go with your meal. If the three types of pee don’t turn him on, it’s also loaded with fresh herbs, creamy goat cheese and colorful radishes.

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Chicken salad

It’s a chicken salad just the way Ree likes it and it’s damn good. Prepare a tasty sandwich for lunch with a tasty salad or fries!

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Asparagus velouté

This soup is easy to make (and even easier to eat)! The central ingredient – asparagus – has the distinct taste of spring and is perfect for the month of May.

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Quiche Lorraine

This flaky and savory brunch pie is all bacon and perfect for Mother’s Day lunch. Pair it with a mimosa and mom will swoon.

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Chipotle Caesar Salad with Grilled Salmon

This dish is a two for one. Nice grilled salmon in an adobo sauce on a classic creamy caesar salad with homemade croutons. it’s light enough for brunch, yet intensely satisfying.

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Beef stroganoff

Beef Stroganoff is a comfort classic and one of Ree’s favorite things on earth. The secret to the delicious black sauce? Half a cup of cognac.

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Shrimp Tacos with Mango Salsa

Savory shrimp drizzled with enchilada sauce and a healthy garnish or sweet and tangy mango salsa is just the light yet satisfying lunch mom needs. Really cram this flavorful salsa!

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Bacon-wrapped scallops with chilli butter

Sea or land; why not the two of them?! You’ll want to eat four thousand of these and don’t skimp on the drizzled chilli butter.

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9 out of 21

Cheese asparagus pie

A soft, flaky crust, topped with melty ricotta and fontina cheese on top makes this pie moist and delicious. But it’s the asparagus and thyme that give it the real taste of spring.

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Warm your soul with this delicious posole! This lightly spiced Mexican soup is a wonderful comfort food thanks to tender chunks of simmered pork flavored with smoked cumin and tons of dried chiles.

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Greek Pesto Pasta Salad

Any Mother’s Day picnic requires at least one pasta salad. This recipe has all your favorite fresh Greek preparations, including pesto, tomatoes, artichoke hearts, feta and olives.

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Stewed prawns

Shrimp etoufee is a beautiful classic dish that originated in New Orleans, which means it’s loaded with Cajun seasoning. Don’t skimp on these shrimp!

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Pepper steak

If mom is still craving her favorite Chinese takeout, why not make it for her at home? The peppercorn steak is topped with a sweet and salty sauce that’s almost too good.

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Fagioli Pasta

In translation, this dish means pasta and beans and it is the greatest comfort food for any Italian mom. This soup is easy to make vegetarian, just be sure to serve it with plenty of buttery garlic bread!

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fried fries

What’s a breakfast spread without fries? The air fryer reduces labor so you can focus on preparing your perfect main course. Plus, cooking in the air fryer means you’ll only use a fraction of the usual amount of oil.

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texas pepper

No beans are allowed in Texas Chili! Instead, the star ingredient is a spicy, smoky, crumbled beef chuck roast.

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easy tomato pie

This super easy tomato pie is fresh and filled with vine-ripened tomatoes and a cheese and herb filling. And it looks great on a picnic blanket!

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Corn and Black Bean Salsa

Grab a chip and get ready to dip! Corn and Black Bean Salsa is a quick and easy appetizer that will be devoured in moments. Pair it with shrimp tacos and you’ve gone above and beyond.

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Baked Feta Egg Casserole

You’re going to want some hot bread to dip into this lunch/brunch favorite. The sauce is incredibly easy, just toss jammy tomatoes, creamy feta and roasted red peppers into the pan! A pro tip is to bring the eggs to room temperature before cooking to ensure perfectly runny results.

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Vegetarian pâté

This hearty and delicious meatless meal is a creamy and decadent vegetarian option for any lunch. The puff pastry makes for a flaky, crispy and extra-buttery filling, while the hearty white beans and meaty mushrooms will keep you satisfied for hours.

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saltimbocca chicken

What’s better than chicken cutlets topped with sage? Wrap them in prosciutto! Saltimbocca literally translates to “jump in the mouth”, and this dish definitely jumps.

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