6 summer evenings to rock and kill this season

As the weather warms rapidly across the country, it’s no secret that summer is just around the corner, which means questionable tan lines and red asphalt are only weeks away. . And while we’re counting the days through December 1, it’s not because we fancy a beach trip on Saturday – we started them by the time we hit September. No, this year, the lockdown is lifted just in time for us to make the most of the holiday season, by organizing all the gatherings, meetings and parties you want. In fact, in the coming weeks, you might even be able to meet some freeway friends, so you can say goodbye to those long-distance rivalries. The only question that remains is, how to celebrate? Cue Inspo, we’ve teamed up with Innocent Bystander to bring together the best ideas to check off.

After extensive research on our part (read: endless tasting of Innocent Bystander wine as we try to play board games with missing pieces), we’ve found the best ways to spend your free time this summer. From homemade tapas to strong teas, here are our top tips for getting your way through the holiday season.

Raise your glass (and brush) with paint and a sip of DIY

As much as we love a good old paint and sip, it’s just not the same as a night out with the crew. Let your creativity flow with a DIY paint and sip, led by none other than the legendary Bob Ross. YouTube is full of its videos, so there is no shortage of muses for your masterpiece. Once you’ve picked your favorite, walk past Kmart to grab the paint, brushes, and canvas, and you’re golden. The only thing left to do is sort the “sip” for half the activity. Our favorite drink? Pinot Noir Rosé from Innocent Bystander. The palette of this drop features red berry compote with a crisp, crisp finish. If you’re feeling peckish, we recommend pairing it with a margarita pizza or a charcuterie platter.

Treat your taste buds with tapas

Want to cook but don’t want to cook? Keep it simple with a bite-sized plate of tapas that you can whip up without much commitment. Look for recipes that don’t require too much prep work, but still present the way you put in the effort. Our personal favorite? Chorizo, Manchego and Olive Skewers — quick, easy and so delicious. For something a little sweeter, try a platter of sweet dental floss treats, Turkish delicacies, fresh strawberries, and indulgent cheeses served with a bottle of fine Moscato.

Gather the gang for a concert in the backyard

No, we’re not talking about hiring a band to perform your event in your backyard, but hey, if you’ve got the cash to spend, we can put you in touch with some local musos. But seriously, we were thinking of something a little more low-key, like handing the mic over to a buddy for impromptu karaoke. Better yet, have your band’s guitar guru strum a few chords, and you’ve got an impromptu performance from Angus and Julia Stone. Of course, if your group of friends are a little less inclined to music, you’re probably better off keeping them safe with a part of Guitar Hero or some solid beats from a decent speaker.

Keep things competitive with a classic game night

When all else fails, nothing beats a good old game night, featuring all of your favorite childhood classics. Of course, the best part about adult game nights is that you can swap Monopoly for something that doesn’t make you want to flip the board. Of course you have your go-tos, like Cluedo, Cards Against Humanity and What are you even?, but hey, new games can be fun too. All you need is a good group of friends, a little luck (you want to win, don’t you?) And a drink to encourage your success. Glass of Pinot Noir, do you like it?

Pinkies Up For A Boozy Bridgerton-Inspired High Tea

With Bridgerton renewed for three more seasons, you’ll have to practice keeping those little pinkies high if you want any chance to mingle with London’s high society. Get ready for the latest Lady Whistledown reveal by hosting your very own homemade tea party. You’ll need to buy fresh bread for the cream cheese and cucumber sandwiches, not to mention a few slices of quiche and fresh scones. But the real key to a successful high tea is the quality of the drink on offer, so be sure to choose wisely. We recommend a bottle of Innocent Bystander’s Yarra Valley Chardonnay to keep things nice and stylish.

Party like it’s 1999 with your own Y2K party

Put on the playlist and dust off that juicy seam – it’s 1999 and the noise on the streets is that the world might end at the stroke of midnight. Celebrate the end of mankind’s most successful millennium with frosty white eyeshadow, low rise jeans and lots of sparkle. Britney and Christina should blast your speakers, and the canned food should be stacked six feet high on your kitchen bench. Keep disposable cameras on hand to pass off as freebies and take the opportunity to enjoy a much-needed break from the traumas of the 2020s.

What are you waiting for? Start group chat and bring the crew together for an epic night out. While you’re at it, make sure to keep the vibrations high and pick up a bottle of award-winning wine from Innocent Bystander.

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