Bring your garden to life with these inspiring product designs

In these pandemic times, we find ourselves spending more and more time at home. However, sitting in the same old four walls of our bedroom can get pretty boring, and sometimes the only fresh air we really get is when we step out into our yards. While we shouldn’t underestimate our backyards, they can be major places of entertainment, recreation and relaxation…depending on how we design them! How about turning your garden into the perfect meeting place for you and your partner, or hosting a barbecue party with the best grill on the market? We’ve curated a collection of product designs to help you turn these exciting ideas into reality! These products will transform your backyard into the ultimate relaxation destination. We bet you won’t want to leave your garden once you introduce them to these products! Whether it’s single-use shipping containers turned into swimming pools or a small prefab garden house, these designs will dramatically transform your humble backyard!

1. The AIRY Noori V02

Boasting an enameled steel construction, the Noori V02 AIRY is a multifunctional outdoor grill, pizza oven, rocket stove and fire pit – all in one! Not to mention this is probably one of the nicest grills I’ve seen in a long time, it will be the perfect visual accessory for your garden. The grid is made up of six internal refractory concrete plates. These plates + an AIRY cylinder constitute the innovative AIRY system of the grill (which also gives its name to the product). This basically means that to set up an open fire, you simply remove a few refractory plates from inside the AIRY cylinder, which instantly exposes the flames, creating the mesmerizing dance of flames we all love to watch in an open fire. !

2. Cover’s Little House

Located in the Highland Park neighborhood of Los Angeles, the tiny backyard home was designed and built by Cover as a rental experience for Lazarus and his partner, Didi. Like most of Cover’s structures, the Highland Park Tiny House is a prefab project. Cover Architects oversaw every design and construction decision for the home, creating an idyllic semi-outdoor garden oasis for the LA sun. Featuring a pre-fabricated panel structure, the steel frame gives rise to the tiny backyard home and its many dynamic features.

3. Modpools

Dubbing them “the cardboard boxes of the world,” Rathnam felt inspired to build the pools as a way to give discarded shipping containers new purpose and backyard life. Shipping containers are purchased by Rathnam after goods have been shipped to North America from China, as otherwise they would simply be discarded and not reused for shipping purposes. Depending on your garden and its construction parameters, Modpools can be customized to fit.

4. I am sauna

Iam Sauna is a charming tent-style sauna equipped with a wood-burning stove that allows people to enjoy the outdoors even in cold weather to regain lost energy after a long day. A Japanese-style sauna tent is extremely portable; you can take it with you whether you are cycling or driving for a picnic with your family. In addition to its portable design, the sauna tent is easy to set up. One person can set up the tent in less than a minute. It will be necessary to stretch the zippers on all four sides and instantly a stable and usable tent is ready.

5. Kitchen area

Although non-electric toaster and oven combos have hit their stride with the outdoors, the gas-powered Cook Nook has an added advantage with a stove. There’s so much to do with the non-electric toaster, stove and oven combo. It can be used to make toast, roast chicken, bake cakes and even prepare a meal when electricity is not a luxury. So when you step into the wilderness, a portable and lightweight gas toaster, oven, stove is the icing on the cake as it opens up possibilities for a great treat for a large family or friends reunited with the choice of pizzas, cookies, and other delicious.

6. Bungalow luggage

Packed in a sturdy four-wheeled travel cart-style case, you get a pair of chairs and a table with a foldable top. The foldable frame, seat and back form the chair, while the metal spokes lined up like hollow table legs become the base for a wooden plank table top. The chairs have a nice canvas seat and the table seems quite sturdy; together, the furniture outside your camp will become your closest confidant when it comes to comfort!

7. The BBQ&co Grill

EIKI DESIGN STUDIO, the refreshing barbecue design from a Kyoto-based product design studio, is an emerging image of this new lifestyle brought about by COVID-19 restrictions. The project’s lead designer, Seiki Ishii, closely analyzed the dynamics of city life without compromising on cooking mouth-watering rotisserie, churrasco steak or cooking market-fresh salmon sushi. This cross-cultural cooking space results in a sleek, compact barbecue that brings home the style of Spanish and Brazilian barbecues. One that is dominated by wood burning in the fireplace to create a constant fire for the most evenly cooked delicacies.


While searching for fireproof materials to build his grill, Singer found mycelium, a fireproof vegetative part of a mushroom that is safe and edible for humans. Mycelium has an array of properties that make it the ideal choice for building a disposable grill. Inexpensive and very easy to grow, mycelium is an accessible and durable alternative building material that is water-repellent, naturally insulating and fully biodegradable. After growing his own batch of mycelium, Singer built prototypes of MYC and envisioned the disposable grill lining the shelves of convenience stores and gas stations to provide the general public with the choice of durable disposable grills. Following the use of a MYC grill, instead of searching for the nearest trash can, grills can simply cut and leave MYC at the campsite to biodegrade and fertilize the earth.

9. The Zome Construction Kit

No need to be an architect to want to build your own bamboo structure thanks to the ‘Zome building kit’ from Giant Grass! The studio has created a DIY kit that’s essentially a larger-than-life LEGO project that can live in your backyard or be expanded to create a community space. The “zome” is a flexible space that can be used by children to relax in the garden, such as a gazebo to entertain guests, a greenhouse for seedlings, a creative space in the office, a quiet space for yoga at home. House. , or a glamping tent – it can be anything you want. This DIY kit is perfect for those who want to live sustainability and enjoy working on projects that result in a productive reward.

10. Wooly eco-friendly cooler

Wool has a pretty good reputation as an insulating material, but you wouldn’t instantly think that wool is used to keep something cool. Sure, wool sweaters, mittens, socks, caps, they’re all used to retain your body heat and keep you warm, but with insulation, the reverse is also true! Check out the Wooly Eco-Friendly Cooler, an outdoor cooler that uses eco-friendly wool (as opposed to chemical insulators) to keep your cold drinks cool…and as a bonus, it comes with a lid that doubles as a charcuterie board so you can pair your wine with some charcuterie and some eclectic cheeses, or your beers with fries and dip and some cocktail nuts too!

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