Five Affordable (And Last-Minute) Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Did you forget that Valentine’s Day is today? Don’t worry, you are not alone. Similar to many holidays celebrated during the pandemic, Valentine’s Day has snuck up on a few people. Although there are many more entertainment venues and restaurants open, many people are looking for cheaper but still enjoyable ways to celebrate with their partners this year.

Here are five affordable and fun Valentine’s Day date ideas in 2022:

  1. Picnic

A picnic at lunchtime or at sunset in the savannah, botanical gardens or other green spaces in Trinidad and Tobago is a great opportunity to spend time in nature and have a good time. time together. All you need is a blanket and some tasty treats. Supermarkets, restaurants and many food companies offer affordable promotions so you can buy them and go straight to the park!

  1. game night

Want to make Valentine’s Day a little more fun? Cook dinner together or buy takeout and spend an evening playing board games (or video games) that you both love. Don’t have any board games? No problem! You can create one or two easy-to-play games such as Valentine’s Day Would You Rather, Valentine’s Day Bingo, and Valentine’s Trivia. Search for Valentine’s Day games for couples and you’ll find plenty of options! Everything is easy to create at home.

  1. movie night

Perfect for the movie-loving couple or just relaxing and enjoying entertainment together. Cook dinner or buy takeout (with dessert, of course!) and enjoy an evening watching a favorite movie or enjoying curated listings on platforms like Netflix, HBO Max, and more. which are suitable for the occasion.

  1. Cook together

Don’t know what to cook or buy? Why not go to the grocery store for ingredients and drinks and come home and create a meal together. Play a Valentine’s Day playlist and enjoy a relaxed evening. You can also add other activities to this, like dancing together at home, pulling out old photos of the two of you together and reminiscing and more! The only goal should be to find something you would like to do together.

  1. Go out for dessert only

Restaurants will likely be booked and will be busy. So rather than being stressed about getting a reservation or waiting for a table, you can opt for ice cream parlors, bakeries or cafes where you can still sit at the store and enjoy a delicious treat together. .

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