Gardening: “effective” and “natural” method to “kill” weeds “for good”

Weeds automatically make gardens look overgrown and overgrown, with common areas like between paving stones and walkways often looking messy. While herbicides are often touted as the most effective way to banish them, there are plenty of reasons why gardeners might not want to use chemical treatment – especially those with children or pets. Fortunately, there are a variety of natural ways to get rid of weeds, and they can be just as helpful when it comes to achieving your ideal garden.

A weed is not so much a class of plants as any kind of plant that grows somewhere you don’t want it to.

Gardeners will often find them growing alongside existing (and desired) plants and trees, as well as on lawns.

When looking for natural ways to get rid of weeds, it’s often important to know exactly what class of weed you’re dealing with.

This helps you determine if you can just treat the visible part of the weed or if it’s better to remove the entire root system so they don’t just reappear the following year.

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“To do this, all you really have to do is pull them out of the ground, making sure to pull out both the flowering part above the ground and the roots below.”

Not only does this lead to an immediately more beautiful garden, but it also ensures that weeds will not return.

According to the expert, the best way to pull weeds is to use a weed puller.

She suggested: “Look for standing weed pullers, which don’t require you to bend over for hours at a time.

“If you don’t want to buy anything new, you can also use a trowel from your existing garden supplies, but they’re a little less precise and might aerate extra soil, making it more likely to spread extra seeds.”

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