H-Town Projector: Living Designs Furniture.

Our city is full of exciting people, places and businesses! H-Town Spotlight is a fun and informative segment that showcases all that Houston has to offer!

We are excited to feature a local company that creates unique furniture for your home or patio! On November 22, we’ll chat with the owner and founder of Living Designs Furniture. This business helps you personalize your home with furniture that reflects your personality and lifestyle. They understand that your home is your sanctuary and that your furniture is a key aspect of bringing your family together and providing comfort and support. This is why they favor the principles of quality and value over quantity and profit. Living Designs Furniture takes all the steps necessary to provide the best-in-class furniture, designed especially for you, your home space, and the life that unfolds in it. They have the latest trends available in their showroom to spark your inspiration. Whether you are looking for the perfect sofa, sectional, headboard, upholstered bed frame, sofa or chair; they can help you create it from frame to fabric. With the cooler weather coming to Houston, maybe it’s time to make your backyard cozy and fashionable. Find the perfect piece of furniture for your home and garden without the limitations of other retailers and you can shop showroom inventory or work with our team to create your own piece of furniture.


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