Here are 26 Valentine’s Day date ideas for every type of couple in Notts

The most romantic day of the year is fast approaching and it’s time to get excited. But it can be difficult to choose something to do. There are either too many options or not enough.

If you don’t want to get stuck in the usual Netflix or familiar dinner rut, these ideas will come in handy. It doesn’t matter if you’re single, in a relationship, in between, or looking for a fun activity with a friend. From arty ideas to outdoor ideas, there’s a date idea for everyone.

Here is a list of cute date ideas to celebrate this Valentine’s Day in Nottingham:

Go for afternoon tea at Hart’s

Located in the Park Estate, Hart’s Hotel and Kitchen offers excellent afternoon tea, from £21.95 pp. If you really feel comfortable, you can even check in and stay the night.

Delicious food and luxury hotel – what more could you ask for?

Create a home spa

For those of you who can’t or won’t go out, this might be for you.

If your partner or best friend has been going through a stressful time lately or just needs a break, you can create a home spa with candles, massage oil and face masks. It will be a cute vibe and a calming way to spend some quality time together, full of pampering and relaxation.

Or it could be a cute Galentines.

Get competitive with arcade games and cocktails at Penny Lane

With a few drinks arriving in inflatable flamingos and plenty of arcade games to choose from, Penny Lane is a great place for those of you who love competition.

Also, the 80s music is a great vibe.

Cocktails and Crime at the National Justice Museum

If you love murder mysteries, this date idea was literally made for you.

On February 12, the National Museum of Justice is hosting a Murder Mystery Night with Cocktails.

Never tried a murder mystery party before? It does not matter. Show up and unleash your chaos. The most important question is, do you have what it takes to find out who killed the victim?

Sample Caribbean food and drink at Turtle Bay

Caribbean cuisine is a world of different flavors with tropical cocktails and strong island flavors. The reggae music and amazing food takes you straight to the Caribbean and is definitely a place to visit if you love Caribbean food.

For Valentine’s Day, Turtle Bay offers a bottomless brunch as well as a two- or three-course dinner.

Visit Nottingham Castle

If you are interested in history or just like castles, Nottingham Castle is a great place to visit.

They also do cave tours.

pot and kettle pottery painting

Do you like to paint or do you simply want a memorable souvenir? Visit Pot and Kettle in Beeston and paint matching mugs.

With so many choices of what to paint, visit here to have a relaxing date and create something you can keep forever.

Stroll through Wollaton

If you prefer to be outdoors, Wollaton is always a must.

Spot the deer, circle the lake and bask in the beauty.

Or go to Attenborough Nature Reserve

Attenborough Nature Reserve is huge and home to many wildlife species. If you fancy a long walk and love nature, this is the place for you.

It’s extremely peaceful and lovely if you just want some fresh air and stretch your legs.

Order food for a virtual dinner

Long distances or self-isolation can be difficult. But that doesn’t mean Valentine’s Day should be canceled.

If you can’t be together this Valentine’s Day, why not order a surprise takeout and eat it together over Facetime?

When the food arrives at your doorstep, the fact that they ordered it for you will mean a lot. Hope they know what you like to eat, though.

Deserts at the Pudding Pantry

The Pudding Pantry prepares pancakes, desserts, cakes, milkshakes, brunches and more. With several locations in Nottingham, Sherwood and Beeston, most Notts students should be a stone’s throw from their doorstep.

For those of you who like it sweet, the food here is both aesthetically pleasing and delicious.

Watch Romeo and Juliet ROH at the Savoy Cinema

If you are a ballet lover, there is nothing more romantic than watching the performance of the famous tale of star-crossed lovers.

The cinema presents Romeo and Juliet ROH on February 14. Let’s just hope you have a happier ending than them.

Cook a romantic dinner at home

Cooking dinner is an equally romantic thing to do to show your love compared to going out for a meal.

It’s also a little nicer on the wallet – unless you order fresh truffles from Italy, or something like that.

Grab a takeout from your favorite restaurant

If you don’t feel like going out for a meal or making your own, there’s no shame in grabbing a takeout.

Set the table with candles and enjoy without the stress of having to dress up and travel.

Create a Charcuterie Fondue Board

We’ve seen them all all over Pinterest. It’s your sign to make one too. With cheese, meat and more, this delicious treat is guaranteed to be a hit with your loved one.

A chocolate fondue board could also be made for those who prefer the sweeter choices in life.

Mini golf at Lost Adventure

You can never go wrong with a classic game of mini golf. This date idea gets a lot of laughs and requires no skill. It’s a classic.

Or Mini Golf for adults at Gloryholes

Love mini golf, but want a little spice? Next, visit Nottingham’s brand new mini golf course. He’s bound to make you laugh all the time with raunchy tunes.

It would make a great active date if you prefer something different.

Board games evening

When was the last time you sat down together and played a board game? With the right tunes, it will be romantic and intimate.

Cocktails at Coco Tang

Coco Tang is famous for its aesthetics.

For those of you who love vibes, add this to your list of potentials.

Have a five-course French meal at Petit Paris

So apparently the head chef here, James Crossman, was trained by Gordon Ramsay.

They’re doing a special 5-course dinner menu for Valentine’s Day, which includes honey roast duck, crab bisque, Eton mess with raspberries and plenty of wine.

Italian cuisine at Piccolino

You are not a fan of the French? Fair enough.

Instead, maybe try Piccolino. They make great garlic bread and the vibe is a bit whimsical – perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Or Indian Tapas at Mowgli

Mowgli creates the most appetizing Indian dishes full of vibrant flavors. The food is beautiful, and the interior is very aesthetic with in particular the famous swings! Definitely a place to visit if you like authentic Indian food.

Have a picnic indoors

Unless Notts is hit by an unreal heat wave linked to climate change, February will not be hot. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a picnic. Just have it inside.

Prepare a picnic filled with all your favorite foods and enjoy a picnic in the comfort of your own home.

Grab burgers at Annie’s

Do you even live in Nottingham if you haven’t been to Annie’s?

Annie’s can appeal to almost any taste. You can even get a roast dinner burger.

A movie date at the Arc

We all know Savoy. But don’t sleep on The Arc.

Located in Beeston, The Arc has reclining seats and plenty of space. The best kept secret, however, is that you can fill your own Tango Ice Blast from the machine. What a victory.

A virtual movie date

Alternatively, with a streaming service like Teleparty or Prime Video Watch Party, you can watch your favorite movie together and chat at the same time.

Sure, it’s not as great as being in person, but it’s still a great way to spend some quality time together.

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