I’m a gardening expert – the five jobs you need to do in June for the perfect summer garden

WITH SUMMER upon us, it’s time to get out your gardening gloves and lawnmower and start preparing your garden for the warmer months.

Taking care of your garden throughout the month of June is essential for your crops and grass to thrive and these are the five tasks you need to focus on.


Mowing your lawn in June is vital for healthy grassCredit: Alamy

Mow your lawn

Keeping your lawn clean and tidy is essential for a beautiful garden.

You should aim to mow your lawn once a week to encourage new grass growth that will keep your lawn looking thick, healthy and lush.

It’s also a good idea to water your lawn weekly if the weather gets particularly hot and to add fertilizer, reports the Express.

If you notice your lawn getting dry, raise the height of your mower so you don’t damage the roots.

Take care of your crops

There are many crops that can be harvested in June, including strawberries.

Keep an eye out for soft fruits like berries to make sure they don’t get overripe and spoil before you have a chance to eat them.

Mold is common during the month if there is also humid weather.

Be sure to check them regularly and discard diseased fruit to grow healthy crops.

Sowing seeds

June is a good time to start sowing fruits and vegetables ready to harvest during the fall months.

You can grow pumpkins and squash ready for harvest in October as well as zucchini, tomatoes and sweet corn.

It is crucial to keep the soil well watered throughout the month.

Prune shrubs

If you haven’t cut your shrubs and bushes, this is the last month to do so.

Deadheading is essential this month for your perennials and bulbs, take the time to pick faded blooms from roses, cosmos, snow peas and geraniums.

The task only takes a few minutes but can make all the difference in getting your plants to flower well.

Perennial plant

If you’ve planted new bulbs recently, it’s important to monitor soil moisture to ensure they don’t dry out in hot weather.

Make sure they have plenty of water to drink by watering them before the sun comes up.

This will ensure that the water does not dry out before the plants drink it.

Gardening tips and tricks

Now is the time to sow crops that will be ready to harvest in the fall.


Now is the time to sow crops that will be ready to harvest in the fall.Credit: Getty

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