Our all-time favorite Easter menu ideas

Recipe: Spicy Potato and Green Bean Salad

Recipe: Creamy Baked Spring Pasta (Julia’s Pasta Bake)

Recipe: Strawberry and Spinach Salad

Recipe: The ultimate chocolate pie

Recipe: Lemon Sorbet Cupcakes with Buttercream Frosting (Pam’s Citrus Cupcakes)

Recipe: Asparagus quiche

Recipe: Champagne punch

Want to plan a meal for everyone that still looks gorgeous? Here’s how. Start by choosing a theme for your gathering. Let your guests know if you’re planning a traditional holiday buffet or a casual get-together. No one wants to put their disposable foil baked dish next to a trifle served in Grandma’s finest china. Know your numbers: decide how many starters, sides and desserts you will need based on the number of people attending. Keep it organized (no duplicate dishes!) And ask guests to sign up. Make a list – two greens, three starches, a chocolate dessert – and ask guests to pick one up. Communicate the way you feel comfortable: make phone calls, email sign-up sheet, etc. If your crowd is looking forward to Aunt Susan’s famous squash casserole, ask them to bring it to the party. At Easter, label the dishes so everyone knows who brought what. Remember to be prepared with essential serving utensils, as not every guest will remember to bring a slotted spoon or pie server. Finally, plan the leftovers. Do guests have to share the leftover food? Are take out plates approved? Leave it to the person who made the dish. Stock up on extra paper plates, aluminum foil, and plastic wrap so you’re also ready for the end of the meal.

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