7 lucrative side jobs for gardeners


The gig economy is here to stay. If you’re looking to earn extra money outside of your full-time job, why not find a side hustle that puts your gardening skills to good use? For those who enjoy getting their hands dirty, caring for plants, and helping things grow, there are plenty of opportunities to get into the gardening space as a freelancer or small business.

Here are seven great ways to kick-start your cash flow with a gardening-related gig.

1. Party favors spread

People who organize weddings, birthdays, corporate events and other occasions often give small gifts to their guests. If your green thumb is good at propagation, you can grow tons of plants from cuttings or pups. Use your talent to grow lots of adorable succulents like jade, echeveria, tiny cacti, and other small plants that you can sell in bulk for events.

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2. Independent garden planning

Let’s face it, novice gardeners can benefit from your experience, and many are willing to pay for your expertise. New gardeners might need help knowing where to place particular plants, how much sun and water the plants need, what kind of potting soil to buy, how to grow food for their family, and what kind of care each part needs. of the garden needs.

Become a garden planner and you can help create successful gardens all over town. Bill home visits, care schedules, plant and garden supplies, and more.

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3. Turning the plants

Do you enjoy the challenge of rescuing dying plants and helping them to thrive again? Often someone we know has abandoned a houseplant and is considering throwing it away. Instead of letting them get rid of a live plant, offer to take it out of their hands. Usually they will give it to you for free.

Once you have revived the factory, you can sell it for a profit. Also, if you visit the garden center of a big box store, you might come across neglected plants that are discounted in price. Collect a bunch of them and sell them for a higher price once they are healthy.

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4. Urban Farm Bouquets

Fresh flowers add a lovely visual and pleasing scent to a room: flowers are great for decoration, gifts or just because. There are so many gorgeous flowers out there, and if you have the space to grow lots of them, you might be able to make and sell bouquets or arrangements.

From buttercups to daisies and marigolds to amaranth, there’s no shortage of flowers to choose from. You can sell online, in person at a farmer’s market, or offer local delivery of your urban bouquets. This activity can be especially fruitful if the growing season for your chosen flowers falls around holidays like Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day.

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5. Edibles

Fruits and vegetables from the garden taste much better than those from the grocery store. Turn your bountiful edible garden into extra cash (especially if you grow too much to eat on your own).

There are different ways to generate income by selling your garden items: You can sell fresh herbs, fruits and vegetables. Or, you can turn fruits or vegetables into preserves, like jams or fancy pickles. You can even provide a choice option for those who want to select their own garden-fresh produce.

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6. Become a supplier

Opportunity comes when you network with local artisans, including soap makers, jewelry makers, candle makers, bread makers, and chutney makers. Many artisans use herbs, flowers, and vegetables in their creations, and if they consider your products and flowers to be of good quality, they may want to partner with you on an ongoing basis.

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7. Sell starter plants and seeds online

When you have a knack for growing and harvesting plants that others struggle with, like tomatoes, you have the opportunity to earn money through your skills. Starter plants that are already established are easier for novice gardeners to grow, and they are willing to pay for help rather than growing plants from seed. (After all, have you seen Etsy’s plant selections lately?)

Also, if you collect seeds from your garden, they usually last a few years. Not only does this save you from having to buy more seeds next year, but you can also sell the seeds for a profit.

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