Blanket storage ideas – 5 step plan organizers swear by

There are a number of reasons why you might be looking for blanket storage ideas. During warmer seasons, blankets aren’t so necessary for bedrooms or living rooms, so you might be looking to store them away until fall, or you might just want to keep them handy, but not necessarily on your sofa or your bed. .

The question is not just where to keep them, but how best to store them. You might have a slot ready thanks to some effective closet organization ideas, but once you’ve decided where to store them, making sure they come out fresh and ready to go is the key. challenge.

Liveetc asked professional organizers how they approach blanket storage, and they came up with a five-step plan for storing the blankets, with the guarantee that they’ll be ready to use the next time you need them.

The Best Blanket Storage Ideas in 5 Simple Steps

Consider how many blankets you have and whether you need to move some or all of them away. Sure, you don’t want to sleep in the heat with a thick blanket, but sometimes you’ll need a light one on a weird night while you binge Netflix. Heavier ones can be kept away until the temperature drops.

Now you’re ready to try these blanket storage ideas to keep them neat, tidy, and organized.

1. Dry clean or hand wash before storing

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‘First, you want to make sure all your bedding is clean before you put it away in your bedroom organizer; it’s also important to make sure everything is dry, as residual moisture will cause mold to grow,” says Rachel-Elizabeth Mitchell of Please Organize Me.

Ideally, there are two ways to clean your duvets. You can wash them by hand or machine or send them to the dry cleaners. “I think dry cleaners are a safer bet because you can be sure your blankets are completely free of food and other stains,” says Tia Mellis, founder of The Mess Goddess. “If it’s a family heirloom, you might want to hand wash it.” Be careful with the fabric. Stains get stuck between the threads, so try gently removing them with your finger first, then with a light detergent. Hot water is not good for most fabrics because it wears them out.

“I can’t stress how important it is to have perfectly clean duvets before you put them away,” says Tia. “If you wrap something and there is a stain on it, you can be sure that in a few months when you open it, the stain will be worse and very difficult to remove. And moss loves food.

2. Clean up your storage too

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A big part of spring/summer cleaning is clearing areas so you can put things you don’t need away neatly and orderly. Vacuum under beds, dust and wipe down your hallway closets, and sweep under and over your cabinets; basically areas where you will store your blankets.

In fact, no matter how clean your blankets are, if the area where you store them is damp, dusty, or covered in fungus, there’s a good chance that it will ruin your blanket as well. While it may seem like too much work, you can be sure this practice will take care of your expensive bedding for years to come.

“Once we’re sure we’ve thoroughly cleaned the blankets, we need to make sure the area where we put the blankets is also clean,” says Tia. ‘After that comes the next step – how to store it.’

3. Wrap them in canvas, fabric or pillowcases

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“The biggest mistake people make is storing their blankets and quilts in vacuum plastic bags,” says Tia. “That’s a big no-no. I suggest using these only for temporary use, in case you need to store something for a few days or a week.

“The reason is that in these bags, even the smallest drop of water can wreak havoc and ruin your bedding very quickly with the growth of moss,” she continues. “Also, these completely squeeze the pigtails and over time they become mangy and lifeless.”

Ideally, use cloth or canvas bags in your bedroom storage as they are breathable without crushing the bedding. These also ensure minimal creasing and allow the fabric to receive airflow for months of storage.

Consider storing your neatly folded bedding in a linen closet. “The airflow will keep mold and unpleasant odors away,” says Rachel-Elizabeth of Please Organize Me. basements or garages to avoid pests and humidity.”

“Acid-free boxes and tissue paper are ideal for long-term storage of quilts,” says Rachel-Elizabeth. ‘Roll them up between each layer of fabric to prevent the fabric from bleeding and wrinkling. And, when it comes to moth protection, we don’t recommend mothballs because they can leave an odor and cause allergic reactions. Instead, we recommend cedar, lavender, and also linen bags.

A great tip from Tia is to store the blankets in cotton pillowcases – they’re practical, at home, inexpensive and versatile.

4. Add a nice scent to them

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Give yourself a treat when you unbox your blankets from storage, but give them a spritz with a good scent.

“Try to pick scents that the moss doesn’t like,” says Tia Mellis of The Mess Goddess. ‘Total Wardrobe Care’s May Chang blend is awesome. The Eucalyptus, Seedwood, and Lavender sachets work well, so when you reopen your bag, you’ll feel a good puff of it and you’ll smile.

5. Store them properly

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Just like clothes, blankets can be hung in storage to preserve their quality. But of course, storage and space are usually limited in most homes, so look for clever storage tips in every room to keep these items. “You can hang your blankets individually in a garment bag, but if that’s not possible, or if your blankets are a more delicate material, it’s best to store them flat,” says Laura Cattano, founder of Organizational Design. .

“You can also maximize space by efficiently folding your bedding and sheets,” says Rachel-Elizabeth. “A wonderful way to store blankets in an accessible way is to roll them into a ball or cylinder and tie them in place with a ribbon. This will also prevent them from being crushed by the weight of other blankets. Try storing them according to their weight and avoid having anything on your down duvets.

Should I put the blankets in baskets?

“One thing to consider when storing blankets is how often you may need to access them. Even in the summer months, you might want to have blankets readily available, either in your living room for a cozy TV night or out in the garden for a late drink when the temperatures get a little cooler,” says Caroline Caron Dhaouadi , founder of Homefulness Ltd. “In this case, consider rolling a few blankets in a large cotton rope basket, for example. They come in many different styles and colors and can be easily integrated into your decor. Be sure to avoid unlined rattan baskets which can damage knitted covers.

Even storage boxes and ottomans can be useful for hiding blankets in plain sight.

“You can also store them under the bed or in a closet in the living room if you want them close at hand,” says Tia. “Beautiful decorative boxes are the solution for their storage if they are kept out of the way. Otherwise stylish baskets with a top, so they open like a nice picnic basket.

How to store blankets in a living room?

If your home lacks storage space, you can use the living room as an effective storage space. But you have to be careful not to hide them in plain sight or use them decoratively.

Keep your blankets inside an ottoman with hidden storage. It’s doubly handy when you’re settling down on your couch to watch a movie, you can just reach over to the ottoman to grab your blanket.

Likewise, if you have an open floor plan, you can also use the cutlery cupboard in your dining room to store your blanket. Just make sure the closet has no clear glass and its contents are hidden from view.

Otherwise, you can create a cute vignette with baskets and other decorations, and place the blankets inside the baskets in a fluid way. Place a ladder on the wall and hang a thin quilt on it to give it a whimsical look. You can also use your duvet as a throw and wrap it around a couch or chair.

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