Food Truck and Greek Food festivals, an outdoor play and symphony concert are reasons to go out this weekend


Five dozen food trucks, two or three, will be parked and sold for the 10th anniversary of the Main Street Food Truck Festival, Saturday from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., centered on Capitol Avenue and Main Street in downtown Little Rock.

The main street between Fourth and Ninth streets and Capitol between Rock Street (east) and Louisiana Street (west) will be blocked for pedestrian traffic only for the festival.

The “menu” includes barbecue, burgers, cookies and gravy; pancakes, cheesecake, chicken wings, seafood, fair food, jerk chicken, tacos, pizza, pastries, ice cream and popsicles; and various examples of Asian, Latin American, Caribbean, Cajun and Southern cuisines. (The Latin American themed trucks will be concentrated in a “fiesta plaza” on the grounds of Sixth and Main, with Latin themed entertainment.)

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It will also feature performers (the main entertainment stage will be between Fourth Street and Capitol Avenue) and beverage stations (including several beer tents). There will be shelters on site in the event of inclement weather.

Entrance is free, but of course food and drink cost money.

The Little Rock Downtown Partnership, which hosts the festival, says, regarding covid-19 protocols, “This is an entirely open-air festival; there are no tickets and there is no point. People will eat and drink throughout the festival as well, so there’s really no way to enforce specific Covid rules, such as a mask requirement.

Island Noodles, one of the 2019 festival food trucks, will be back in 2021. (Democratic Gazette file photo / Thomas Metthe)

“Customers are, of course, encouraged to wear masks if it makes them more comfortable… and there will be plenty of hand sanitizer.”

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