Home schooling designs new tricks

Australia is a nation of pet-centric owners, whether covered in fur, scales or feathers.

Pet territory isn’t just relegated to the backyard these days, with many households adopting pet-friendly designs in new builds to make Daisy the Dachshund or Polly the Pomeranian feel like at their home.

“Depending on the pet the family has, first understand how the pet lives with the family and design a home that seamlessly complements the two,” said Joseph Calasara, design innovation manager at Webb & Brown-Neaves.

To avoid scratches and stains, Calasara said it’s important to consider things like pet-friendly floors in the home.

“A low-maintenance flooring is ideal, but that depends on the family pet,” he says.

“Tile, polished concrete and engineered wood floors are the most common materials used.”

Along with pet-friendly design choices, Rui Rosa, Senior Interior and Architectural Designer of Shelford Quality Homes, says investing in pet-proof furniture is crucial.

“If you’re worried about your pets leaving a scratch or staining your sofa, consider investing in a pet-proof material,” he says. “Sofas covered in cotton or linen fabrics are easy to clean – the covers are also removable most of the time, so you can just throw them in the washing machine.

“The microfiber cloth is also best for pet owners because it’s also easy to clean.”

As for bath time, Rosa said a built-in dog shower could minimize the risk of dirt being trampled all over the house.

“If your space is limited for a dedicated dog locker room, you can have one in your laundry room or garage,” he said.

“Our favorite is an outdoor shower or an external dog wash station to keep the dirt out.

“When planning the layout of your utility room or garage, design it so that it has easy access to the outdoors – install a dog door so your pets can easily get in and out .”

Considered pet territory, toxic-free landscaping is an important consideration for outdoor spaces.

“Consider harder soils, heavy mulching and proper grass selection to allow for cool surfaces,” Calasara said.

“Consider raised beds and be sure to check the toxicity of the selected plants.

“You can also consider water features to cool pets in bad weather.”

If your pet tends to jump or escape easily, Calasara says a quality fence is a good investment for your home.

“Again, it depends on the animal – some animals jump really high – if that’s the case you’ll need a fence that’s at least 1.8m high,” he said.

“Other pets burrow underground, so I would recommend keeping them safely under the fence for this scenario.”

If you’re looking to add pet-friendly features to your home, The Cabin by Webb & Brown-Neaves at Burns Beach incorporates a handy dog ​​shower for rinsing off your pooch after a leisurely walk or swim.

“The cabin display is located close to the beach and provides space in the laundry room to wash up after a long walk,” Calasara said.

“It has a watering hole in the garden for pets to cool off in and an airy outdoor area fenced in and accessible from the house.”


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