May 8 – Last-minute gift ideas and tips for Mother’s Day travel

Moms and grandmothers can take a break from everyday life on wonderful excursions or treat themselves to good food – with the right gift ideas they can enjoy it all year round.

In a few days, it will be time again: The second Sunday in May is Mother’s Day! Traditionally a day to say “Thank you!” , but also the opportunity to spend time with family away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

For young mums and boys there is a trip to the Mendlingtal World of Adventure with a picnic or thrills at the Millenium Jump Semmering. Moms looking for relaxation and a few child-free hours can relax at Sole Felsen Welt Gmünd or enjoy a wine experience at Winzer Krems.
And if grandma is part of the trip, could it be a cultural day in Baden from Arnulf Rainer to Beethoven, a boat trip through the Wachau or a day in a museum in Krems ? Of course, the Lower Austria State Fair 2022 in Marchage can also be visited free of charge with the Lower Austria Card.

the Map Lower Austria More than 300 destinations offer an excursion in Lower Austria, Vienna and the neighboring Länder for 63.00 euros.

Instead of a poem for Mother’s Day, there will be a masterclass this year

When there is something to celebrate and the whole family finally gets together, gastronomy is of course part of it! So that the mother does not have to do work and does not have to fear awkward cooking attempts including the mess of the kitchen, it is better to take her out to eat…
The bars with their very special atmosphere guarantee an unforgettable Mother’s Day outing!

If the mother prefers a delicious meal with her friends, or if the parents finally want to spend a quiet evening together, there are vouchers Lower Austrian hostel culture To be redeemed as soon as you want to treat yourself and the babysitting is settled! The vouchers can be redeemed at around 200 members of Lower Austrian pub culture and are also available in gift envelopes with matching emblems. In addition to the many thank you cards, a separate saying for Mother’s Day is also available.

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