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The last time I wrote about the Supertunia Mini Vista Indigo was in 2020 and was making its debut. It had already won 24 awards in trials, even though it had only just arrived to the public. Now the awards are three dozen, and the Supertunia Mini Vista series now totals over 160. How can that be for a petunia with the word mini in its name?

This is because they deliver maximum performance. Consider on more than one occasion they have won the award for best cool season petunia in Louisiana. Well, they also offer heat tolerance, which is almost unparalleled in the industry. Take for example Supertunia Mini Vista Pink Star. He won top performer at the Mississippi State Trials, University of Georgia, Michigan State and the perfect all-season score at the Penn State Trials. When you plant a Supertunia Mini Vista petunia, you get a winner no matter which of the six varieties you choose.

So you might be thinking, what is a Supertunia Mini Vista petunia and how does it compare to Supertunia Vista Bubblegum, the most awarded petunia ever? The Mini Vista is a petunia that typically reaches 12 inches tall and spreads 24 inches compared to the Supertunia Vista Bubblegum which can reach 2 feet tall and spread 48 inches.

Mini Vista flowers are also slightly smaller. The Supertunia Vista Mini petunia, however, is very vigorous and persistent, allowing it to excel in the landscape or containers. So if you have wanted just a little smaller Supertunia Vista Bubblegum, then Supertunia Mini Vista Hot Pink may be the perfect choice.

I confess to being passionate about the Supertunia Mini Vista Indigo. If you asked me if it’s a little blue or a little purple, I would say yes. Throughout the day, you will see both. It will stun and confuse you as you fall madly in love with it. It will be the rarest color in your garden. A word of warning goes with this plant, however. When you see it for sale at the garden center, get it as soon as you put it in your cart. Don’t think about it or go to the next aisle thinking about it, or it will disappear.

Just like the rainbow needs indigo, your garden needs it too. If you ask your favorite search engine what is the opposite color to indigo, you will most likely find answers like orange, yellow, and even chartreuse. This all sounds good for The Garden Guy. I’m not sure there is a flower color that clashes with this little indigo.

As much as I love my little indigos, I almost feel the same for Supertunia Mini Vista Sangria. This color is simply mesmerizing and makes you look great in whatever combination you have chosen. Sangria is the perfect name, although sometimes I think the word electric could have been added.

James, my color design guru son, would not be without the Supertunia Mini Vista petunias. All of his plantings are in soil rich in fertile organic matter, and if they are in containers I assure you they are the best James can get his hands on. It’s going to be a long, hot summer and the key to green thumb is how brown it turns when preparing the soil.

Feeding these workhorse flowers will be important if you want them to last until pansy planting time. Since the containers are watered daily, it stands to reason that fertilizing is a regular regimen. This is most often accomplished as part of the water treatment process using water soluble fertilizers.

Petunias are usually among the first flowers to be ready in your garden center. Don’t wait, be an early buyer, because the competition is going to be tough to say the least.

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