11 Unique Corporate Event Ideas for Spring 2022

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Spring has arrived, so it’s time to come out of hibernation and organize a corporate event. Anyone can host a corporate meeting, but making sure it’s memorable is key. Whether in person, virtual or hybrid, an unforgettable experience is key to hosting a special event.

Check out some of the most unique spring event ideas for business below. You’ll find inspiring and fun entertainment ranging from sporting events to Cinco de Mayo.

1. Game day

Host a watch party in the parking lot, tailgate style, or at a sports bar. Businesses can take advantage of sporting events such as March Madness or the NHL playoffs. Everyone who attends the event can proudly wear their colors and have a great time watching the games together.

Another way to host a corporate event on game day is to attend a local sporting event, such as a regional hockey tournament. For this type of event, make sure there is good food and drink. A well-rounded list of favorite game day snacks, beers and more will make for a fun springtime corporate affair.

2. Pool Party

As the warm weather returns in the spring, there’s nothing better than throwing a pool party. Music, fresh fruits and vegetables, and grilled meats are great ways to kick off a corporate event after a long winter. Also consider asking people to bring their families to the pool party. Just make sure supervision is there for the sake of the children.

Once the meal is ready, everyone can fill their plate and have a picnic. In addition to making the party more enjoyable, break out the karaoke and listen to co-workers sing their hearts out.

3. Camping Retreat

Bring the right gear and go camping! A corporate camping retreat can be a great opportunity to build team spirit in many ways. Hiking, setting up tents and building campfires allow peers from different departments to mingle.

Get inspired by red carpet events and design. The company held a camping-themed corporate retreat at the Resort at Squaw Creek. Red Carpet provided music and stargazers to entertain while guests played beer pong, poker and video games.

4. Dog party

An office dog party is a great excuse to have dogs in the workplace. Having running pets makes everything better. To be sure a pet party will work, find out if anyone in the office has pet allergies.

When planning the event, create a list of dog essentials for the party. For example, a Top Paw Toy Box allows dogs to choose their favorite chew toys at the event. There may be custom toys included with the company logo in the toy box so they can take them home.

5. Cinco de Mayo theme

Cinco de Mayo corporate events are a fun time for everyone. Businesses have the option of hosting a virtual team-building event by having a professional chef walk everyone through how to make tasty Mexican salsas.

Another great way to kick off this event is to create a seasonal margarita alongside a mixologist. Or, companies can order tacos from a local Mexican restaurant and sample different tacos.

6. Speakeasy

Businesses can host an unforgettable event by hosting a speakeasy-themed party. Guests can play casino games, sip 1920s cocktails and listen to a jazz band. When guests arrive at the event, be sure to set up a secret password at the entrance.

For interactive entertainment, you can play blackjack and watch magicians perform magic tricks. The location can be in a dark bar or a banquet hall, while the decor can include recycled whiskey bottles and wooden crates.

7. Outer Space

A standout theme is perfect for anyone looking for something different but fun and unique. Basically, this theme works on sites like laser tag and indoor putt-putt golf courses. Glow-in-the-dark elements should play an important role in the decor. For food and drink, astronaut ice cream and smoky cocktails in funky colors will capture the theme successfully.

A hotel management company hosted an intergalactic party in a glass-ceilinged atrium. LED space dancers, aerial performers and funky lighting greeted guests at every turn.

8. Food Truck Roundabout

A food truck event works just about anywhere, since it’s a moving party. Businesses can contact their local food truck operators and accommodate them in the parking lot. Or, the food truck setup can be in an open park or other location available for rental.

Food truck events are a fun time for everyone as guests can sample different types of food while mingling. Some food truck ideas might include macaroni and cheese, tacos, sushi, and frozen custard.

9. Comedy night

Consider hosting an event at a comedy nightclub and give everyone a night of laughs with stand-up comedians. Or hire a local comedian to come to the office. Everyone loves a good comedy show, especially if it features a celebrity.

If the event is in a theater, the venue will already have drinks but rarely food. Be sure to book a nearby restaurant for guests to eat after the show.

While there, find out if they provide drink tickets for large groups or if BYOB is allowed.

10. Online Escape Room

Virtual escape room events are a great opportunity to encourage teamwork, collaboration, and team building exercises. Each team must solve riddles and play puzzles before the timer starts ticking.

Organize an online event by solving the mysteries of Nancy Drew or the puzzles of Grimm’s fairy tales. Some virtual escape rooms are completely free, such as Hogwarts Digital Escape and Golden Girls Escape Room. These corporate event ideas are truly a fun way for employees to engage.

11. Decades Theme

Instead of going with a decade, let teams from different departments pick their favorite decade. Anyone can come have fun dressing up in the 70s, 80s, and 90s. Businesses can make each decade interactive by having a 90s-themed corner with retro and Nintendo board games. Another corner could host a disco dance party.

Since this event mixes different trends, the food options can cover a variety of all or some classic favorites. Be sure to dance the night away to the greatest hits of all the decades. There could also be a costume contest and prizes during the event as everyone dresses up from their favorite era.

Putting the Spring Corporate Event into Action

Now that there’s a list of unique corporate event ideas, it’s time to start planning. Every corporate event idea listed here has something for everyone to enjoy and remember. Whether the corporate event is at a retirement camp or a comedy club, employees will have the opportunity to participate in fun activities and connect socially.

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