Three Season Bedroom Ideas: 8 Designs to Boost Light and Space

Looking for three season bedroom ideas? If your vision of a bright, sunny home isn’t enough, a glazed structure could be the solution.

A three-season bedroom is a great way to ensure that you can enjoy your outdoor space whatever the weather, and with summer on the way, now is the perfect time to start the process. With moving costs at an all-time high, the obvious step is to make better use of what we have – adapting our garden ideas and patio ideas to the functional and fun needs of modern life.

Whether you want a classic design to blend in with your home’s architecture or a sleek glass frame that makes a contemporary statement, here’s our guide to the best three-season bedroom ideas.

Three Season Bedroom Ideas – 8 Sunrooms That Blur the Lines Between Outdoors and Indoors

Three-season rooms (also known as verandahs or screened porches) will make a stunning addition to your home, bringing in light, providing additional living space and allowing for great views of outdoor spaces throughout the seasons. Here’s our guide to the best three-season bedroom ideas, complete with expert advice.

1. Create a space to sit and relax

Outdoor Living Room Ideas With Country Style Decor

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Now that modern construction techniques and technologies ensure that three-season rooms maintain a constant temperature, they can be used comfortably throughout the seasons. This three-season room was designed as a multi-purpose space, acting both as a quiet reading area but also as a general relaxation area for the family to socialize and entertain.

2. Increase value with a sympathetic structure

Garden furniture ideas with glass and steel windows

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“A well-designed three-season room with sympathetic structure can complement the existing architecture of the home while adding to the sellability and value of the property,” says Mark Wild, designer, Malbrook Conservatories.

Three-season rooms can also benefit townhouses. In this property, sliding doors on the ground floor extend the casual living space into the backyard, designed by landscape designer Luciano Giubbilei.

3. Blur the lines between inside and outside

Outdoor living room ideas with scandi style interiors

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Glass has the ability to make the most dramatic difference in a home, perhaps more than any other material. “It’s part of a desire for modernity and the fact that everyone loves natural light,” says architect Ben Adams of Ben Adams Architects.

“The idea of ​​blurring the transition between indoors and outdoors and being connected to the backyard is so appealing. And it’s the glass that allows us to enjoy the garden year-round, at instead of three, even without insulation.

4. Design a year-round entertainment venue

garden furniture ideas with modern conservatory extension

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Since that time, design, technology and engineering have evolved rapidly, making the once traditional three-season room one of the most flexible rooms in the modern home. Heat control glass and specialist blinds ensure the space is comfortable to use all around, making it ideal for the home office, playroom, dining room, open to a kitchen or to be used as a family room.

The informality of a three-season room is perfect for modern living, as interior designer Steven Payne of Maison AD explains: “I’m often asked to design sunrooms that open up the backs of older homes. Well-designed three-season bedrooms and patio room ideas bring the outdoors inside so that even on the coldest days, you can still enjoy a feeling of being outdoors.

5. Create calm with white decoration

Outdoor Living Room Ideas With White Interiors

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Careful styling and smart color choices can turn a three-season room into a truly restful retreat from which to enjoy the beautiful patio view.

Take inspiration from your surroundings using a palette rooted in nature. Not only will the room feel more serene, but it will allow the indoor-outdoor lines to blur. Evoking purity and cleanliness alongside confidence and sophistication, white is a wonderfully versatile color for three-season rooms and can work in just about any style of space.

6. Choose the right glazing

Pool house ideas with Mediterranean style garden furniture

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The keys to designing a three-season room that is comfortable all year round, and that does not drain energy from the whole house, are to provide good insulation and to use energy-efficient glazing.

Thanks to advances in technology, many specialized and high-performance glass options are now available. “The type of glass best suited for your project will be determined by its structure and the direction it faces,” says Stephanie Hill.

“Glass is now a very sophisticated material,” says Tom Pike, partner at Giles Pike Architects. “Glass-to-glass technology, which allows for minimal framing, and double glazing have evolved so much that it is now possible to create dynamic structures almost entirely in glass.”

For Giles, the ability to blur the transition between indoors and outdoors and create a strong connection to the garden is hugely appealing, so much so that most of his company’s projects now involve a glass structure of a certain form. “It is no longer the case that these spaces are too hot in summer and too cold in winter; they can really be comfortable all year round,” he says.

7. Introduce greenery into your three-season bedroom

garden furniture ideas with indoor plants

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Green bedroom ideas promise to renew your connection with nature and are meant to evoke feelings of balance, vibrancy and good fortune, so why not add a touch of green living to your three season bedroom with some garden plants. inside?

Three-season rooms are the perfect opportunity for plant parents to show off larger specimen plants that might not fit in other areas of the home.

“One of the great things about a three-season room is that it’s usually so well lit,” says foli8’s plant scientist, Kenneth Freeman. “That means your houseplants will rarely lack natural light.”

8. Invest in a glazed extension

Garden furniture ideas with small glass extension

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A contemporary, individually designed “glass box” can be a dramatic addition to a home. “With this type of three-season room extension, you can create an almost entirely uninterrupted view of your backyard, or even of the hills or out to sea,” says Stephanie Hill, design director at Trombé.

“That connection to the outdoors and the feeling of light and space make it a great option.” For Stéphanie, the advantages of this type of design lie in its discreet framework, reduced to the strict minimum by the use of sliding doors, and large bay windows: a single double glazing can measure up to 6m by 3.2m in size. .

What is a three season bedroom?

Popular among gardening enthusiasts, three season room ideas were designed to house their collections of beloved exotic plants.

‘Traditionally separated from the rest of the house by a set of exterior doors, the classic bolted three season room is increasingly designed as an integral part of the home, used as a complement to the main living and dining space downstairs,” says David Salisbury, whose company makes bespoke three-season bedrooms.

How to build a three season bedroom?

A three-season room will need to be built by an architect, so it’s important to think carefully about how you’re going to use the space beforehand.

“Along with the trend to use the room as an integral part of the living space, we are seeing an increased demand for three-season rooms, which can be more versatile and thermally efficient,” says David.

Nowadays, these structures are not necessarily made of glass, as PVC is sometimes chosen as a low-maintenance and more affordable alternative. As with other materials, wood is favored for its durable qualities, traditional look and choice of painted finishes, and aluminum for its clean, minimalist style, strength and anti-corrosion properties.

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